Introducing the Silverlight Xaml Ink Builder tool: Creates Silverlight-Compatible Ink Xaml

In my last post, I demonstrated how to specify static Ink Xaml for a Silverlight InkPresenter element. Here’s a simple tool that allows you to collect Ink on a WPF inking surface, then convert that WPF Ink to Silverlight Ink Xaml. Note that WPF Ink is higher resolution, so in some cases StylusPoints are duplicated (successive StylusPoints with the same value). The executable requires the 3.5 CLR, and is attached to this post.


Here’s a screenshot of the tool being used to create Silverlight Ink Xaml:


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  1. Guerra says:

    Pessoal, Recebi essa mensagem abaixo dos amigos Kono e Sonnino e fui la conferir o resultado desse…

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