Silverlight 1.0 Beta with Ink Support Announced at Mix07

Today at Mix Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 Beta was announced. One of the exciting features in Silverlight 1.0 Beta is the addition of Ink support and pen input. This is a ground breaking moment for the Tablet PC as this is the first cross-platform cross-browser ink on the web story that's come to market. (Silverlight 1.0 Beta has a "Go Live" license)

I’ve been working as the Program Manager for Ink support in Silverlight for the last four months, and I’m super excited to start blogging about this new innovation!

Want to check out Silverlight? Go here:

Download Silverlight 1.0 Beta here:

Want to check out a Silverlight Ink sample? Check out “Ink Tattoo Studio” and “Page Turn” here:


Look for more posts about Silverlight Ink Soon!


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