A new year and new challenges for Gavin in the world of Tablet PC

Well, this year marks a milestone for me at Microsoft. After 6.5 years of working in Test and Test Development, I’m now taking on a new role as a program manager. I am very excited about this opportunity, because it’s in the same group I’ve been working in for the last 3.5 years, the Tablet PC Platform (now includes Mobile PC Platform features as well). We have a lot of exciting things that we’re going to be working on in the next year, and I’ll keep you all up to date on these features via this blog!


Happy New Year!


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  1. abletMan says:


    Congrats on the new position.

    I hope you continue with this blog.  

    Your contributions to the Tab/Dev community can really make a difference.  

    Success of tablets now rests solely on the dev community.  The OS and hardware folks have done thier job, it is now up to developers to "put up or shut up", and your blogs are exactly what is needed.



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