HTTPS Messaging with Client Side Certificate fails with IIS error 403

Symptoms We have a Win2k3/Win2k8 Server. We are trying to send HTTPS messages to this Win2k3 Server. The Server Requires Client Side Certificates. The IIS log shows error 403.7 – Client Side Certs Reqd. Also if you enable deadlettering on the messages the messages end up in deadletter queue with HTTP error 403. Cause If a…


MSMQ 3.0 on WinXP and Win2k3 Unable to Send WCF messages to Win2k8 and higher – Error The Signature is Invalid.

Customer was running a WCF application on WinXP. His WCF app messages were ending up in the deadletter queue with error “The Signature is Invalid.”   We changed the security Configuration to <security mode=”None”> <transport msmqAuthenticationMode=”None” msmqProtectionLevel=”None”/> <message clientCredentialType=”None”/> </security> Also, useActiveDirectory=”false”  Now we get access is denied error More Information Thanks to James Birdsall,…


Error When trying to Open a Biztalk Orchestration using Visual Studio 2008

I had a very interesting case last week. Whenever we tried to open an Orchestration in Visual Studio 2008 we get the following error: Package ‘ODPackage’ has failed to load properly (GUID = {2F926337-2BFB-46AB-BBC4-A955CE25FF6F}).)  What was interesting is that we were able to open some orchestrations in certain projects. Also the projects that were throwing…


Option to launch MSMQ 4.0 management console not available for MSMQ 4.0 Cluster Resource

I had an very interesting case last week. Customer has a Win2k8 Cluster. He has Clustered MSMQ and the MSMQ resource is online and fully functional. The Problem he was facing is how to manage MSMQ? On Win2000 and Win2003 Clusters we have the MMCV tool that can be used to manage the cluster resource….


MSMQ 4.0 Messages stay stuck in outgoing Queue if and only if a Message Time Out is Specified

A very interesting case came in this week. Customer is sending HTTPS messages from Win2k3 machine to another Win2k3 Server with an Win2k8 Server acting as an intermediate server. The HTTPS remained stuck in outgoing queue and would eventually timeout. What made the case interesting was the fact that the problem only reproduces when you specify…


Biztalk MQSC Send Port Unable to Send Messages to MQSeries.

I was investigating a problem where I was unable to Send Messages to Send Messages to MQSeries using the MQSC adapter. Everytime I tried, the following event would be logged in the event log. Event Type: WarningEvent Source: BizTalk Server 2009Event Category: (1)Event ID: 5740Date:  4/6/2010Time:  4:18:37 PMUser:  N/AComputer: abcxyzDescription:The adapter “MQSC” raised an error…


Biztalk 2009 and Team Foundation Server – Change in Deployment Properties.

I had an interesting case recently. Customer was using Team Foundation Server with Biztalk 2009. He mentioned that in the earlier versions of Biztalk he was able to specify the deployment properties just once and share it across multiple developers. After some research here is what we found. Earlier we had our own project type…


MSMQ HTTP Message Send Problems.

Recently I handled an issue where customer was unable to send MSMQ HTTP messages from one Win2k8 machine to another. The messages would remain stuck in the outgoing queue. No matter what we tried the problem would not go away. What we found on the network trace was very interesting: We get an HTTP 500…