How To: Get the Test Case associated with the unit test?

For running and managing unit tests using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), the users have to do tcm testcase /import of the test assembly.  This step creates a test case work item corresponding to unit test on the client side.  With this, users can do many new scenarios – most importantly start viewing the history/trend of…

VS Test SDK is now live

We now have our VS Test SDK live on the internet here: We expect this page to be the start point for all extensibility in Test Tools.  This includes Unit Tests, Coded UI Tests and others. 

Logging a message in test result as part of an automated test

Multiple folks have asked in forums on how to log a message from a Coded UI Test for tracing\debugging purpose.  I know of as many as 5 ways of doing this from any test type (Coded UI Test, Unit Test etc).  Try this code out – 1: [TestMethod] 2: public void CodedUITestMethod1() 3: { 4:…


How To: Enable Tracing for “UI Test” Components

Like any other good product, the Testing Tools in VS also have tracing support to generate the extra trace logs that can help the product team debug the customer issues better.  Though this trace logs could be used by the customers in certain scenarios, these are meant for the product team only.  When reporting a…