Continuous Integration with Assembly Version task

Changgyu from Avanade brought this interesting problem to my attention – If you are using Continuous Integration with Assembly Version task, build server will go into infinite recursion of builds.  Each CI build will update the assembly version and the task will make the checkin, which in turn will ask the CI web service for another build….


Passing custom properties to each individual solutions in Team Build

Though one of my earlier blogs is titled “Building .NET 1.1 application using Team Build”, the principal used in that blog can easily be generalized to pass any custom property to each solution/project file while building using Team Build. Say you want to sign each assembly built by a key. One option is to open each…


Writing a custom MSBuild Logger for Team Build

While building using Team Build, the build process creates one log file (for compilation and code analysis errors and warnings) per platform-flavor for all solutions.  However, few weeks back, while talking to a customer about Team Build, a new requirement came up. The customer wanted to have one log file per platform-flavor per solution. In his scenario, they had not…


Building .NET 1.1 application using Team Build

One of the FAQs in Team Foundation forums have been on “how to build .NET 1.1 application using Team Build”.   My colleague Nagaraju put up this blog to give out detailed steps for this. Apart from this, there were various other solutions on how to build .NET 1.1 using MSBuild (and hence in turn by Team…


Using AssemblyInfo task with Team Build

Fixed a bug in the snippet as pointed out by Peter from Microsoft Consulting Service. I was earlier using ItemGroup to get all AssemblyInfoFiles which gets executed before any target (and hence before Get task). So, the items in AssemblyInfoFiles may be outdated. The right approach is to use CreateItem task inside AfterGet target. Neil Enns…


Who requested this build?

In certain scenarios you may want to take different actions based on user who have requested the build (or may simply want to report that in log file).  Though the Team Build stores the name of the user who has requested the build (and this is shown in the UI), the value is not passed to…


How to find if build is in progress?

In v1, we do not exposed an option in the UI or otherwise to check whether the build machine is free or not.  If the build machine is not free and you fire a build, you get an error back, which is fine.  However, if you want to queue builds or pick one of the…


Setting different drop location with same build type

There was this question in Team Foundation forums – We have developers at two different sites.   Is it possible to have a single team build type that we can run on build machines at each site using a drop location local to the site? In Team Build, there is an option to override Build Directory…


My list of interesting stuff at PDC2005

My laundry list of product/technology/features that I liked at PDC (based mostly on keynotes):   Product/Technology: Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server (hey, it is my product :)) – This will give IBM Rational run for their bucks. Windows Presentation Foundation (a.k.a. Avalon) and XAML – The next generation mind-blowing UI Expression suite (Acryllic, Sparkle…


First blog is tough

First blog is tough to write. So I think; it took me 6 months after creating the id to come up with this first blog.  Do not let your ignorance compel you into thinking this as procrastination. I have list of 1001 valid excuses! (One of which is I could not blog because the dog…