Coded UI Test and MTM supports IE9 Beta!

Coded UI Test and Fast Forward feature of Test Runner supports IE9 Beta.  For more information on this, check this out.

How To: Get same test running under different environments

A while back, I got following question from a user of Coded UI Test  We want to run the same test across multiple environments to ensure everything is still working correctly. Dev-> Test -> UAT -> STAGE We want to run these tests after each deploy to each environment. Each environment has as a different…


Useful set of utility functions for Coded UI Test!

We have collected various internal and external feedback and built up a library of utility functions for Coded UI Test for various Web\Win\WPF controls.  These APIs will work on VS2010 RC (30128.01) or later only (if you have not moved, good time to do it now).  The table of all the APIs with example usage…