More Coded UI Test utilities for WPF testing

Around the time of release of VS 2010, I published Useful set of utility functions for Coded UI Test.  Recently, I followed it with another utility – Sample XPath utility for Coded UI Test. As a complement to these two sets, Jonathan from community has come up with another useful set of utilities for WPF….


How To: Bulk edit action recording?

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) has test runner using which one can do manual testing. One of the features that many folks use while doing manual testing using test runner is the Fast Forward feature. With this feature, a tester can do an action recording and later use that to fast forward the test with playback…


Sample XPath utility for Coded UI Test

Some important notes before I talk about the utility – This posting, and the sample herewith, are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at The sample is not supported by Microsoft or the author of this blog.  If you…


More posts on Coded UI Test Extensibility

A long while back, I had posted a series on extensibility of Coded UI Test.  Mathew Aniyan from my team has added few more posts to the series recently – Custom WPF Control’s custom properties Enabling UI Testing for Third party WinForms custom controls – 1 Enabling UI Testing for Third party WinForms custom controls…


FAQ: Running Coded UI Test on a machine without VS

Another one of commonly asked question is how can I run Coded UI Test (or any other test type) on a machine without installing Visual Studio on it? You can install Test Agent – the Test Agent is a light-weight install and it is free if you already have appropriate Visual Studio or Test Profession…


FAQ: Why am I getting “access denied” during recording?

If you are using recording feature of Coded UI Test or Fast Forward feature of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and getting the following error – The last action was not recorded because access to the application was denied there could be two reasons for this – The application under test (one that you are trying…


Support for Silverlight and Mozilla FireFox in Coded UI Test and MTM is out

We released Feature Pack 2 for Visual Studio 2010 yesterday.  This feature pack is mostly targeted for testing functionalities around Coded UI Test and Fast Forward feature of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  The functionality here includes – Test Silverlight 4.0 applications using Coded UI Test (or Fast Forward feature of MTM) Playback on Mozilla FireFox…


New updates to MSDN topics on MTM and Coded UI Test

Katrina from our team has been doing fantastic job in updating MSDN docs around testing tools regularly.  She has recently added more stuff – check out  New help topics and updates to topics for September 2010.


Coded UI Test and MTM supports IE9 Beta!

Coded UI Test and Fast Forward feature of Test Runner supports IE9 Beta.  For more information on this, check this out.