FAQ: What is the difference between “Assigned To” and “Tester” in MTM?

FAQ: In Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), what is the difference between the “Assigned To” field of the Test Case work item and the “Tester” field in MTM.  It seems these to fields are stored independently. So if I assign someone test cases through MTM then this is not translated into the “Assigned To” on the…


More Coded UI Test utilities for WPF testing

Around the time of release of VS 2010, I published Useful set of utility functions for Coded UI Test.  Recently, I followed it with another utility – Sample XPath utility for Coded UI Test. As a complement to these two sets, Jonathan from community has come up with another useful set of utilities for WPF….


FAQ: Why are my tests not included in the test run?

As an alternative to Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), users can use tcm.exe command line to run and manage their test cases.  The command line way is particularly useful in running tests in non-interactive way (say via scripts). FAQ: While using “tcm.exe run” command to run all the test cases in a test plan\suite is -…


Microsoft Test Manager stuck in "waiting for test controller" state

This is guest post by Deepak Mittal, who is Senior Support Engineer in this space. Problem description: Microsoft Test Manager is stuck in "waiting for test controller" status after completion of test execution. Resolution: After completion of the test execution, please click on "refresh" on the screen, it will update the status to completed. This…


How To: Associate automation programmatically

In my previous post, I mentioned about tcm testcase /import scenario.  The tcm testcase /import associates the test case artifact with automation (which is unit test or other test type). Another FAQ related to this scenario is – Q: How can I programmatically associate automation (because I want to do some customization of my own)?…