Multiline support in test steps

NOTE: If you installing above HotFix, it is advisable to install this one too - and  In fact, read about the latter one ( and you can directly install this which will get you everything.

We have added multiline support in test steps in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  The multiline support in test steps have been one of the top asks in UserVoice on MTM.  Refer Brian’s blog on more details including how to get this update.

Apart from multiline support, the update also contains couple of other improvements in test steps control.  It has -

  1. Various fixes around the sizing problems of the control that were reported.  For example, earlier maximizing MTM, would reduce the space test steps use to get!
  2. There is splitter now using which user can adjust the space between test steps and parameter grid.


Comments (3)

  1. Joan Sokolowski says:

    Yes, but now you can only see 3 lines of the step if you are not currently editing it. This is annoying (1) if writing a test step, and want to refer to a previoius step that has more than 3 lines (2) if you are trying to read a test case to understand what it's doing … you have to 'click' the step to see all the lines.

  2. @joan – We initially thought that this is good as it will give users more space to focus on the current row that is being edited.  But based on various feedback, we did release that users are not liking this.  We are planning to release an update to fix this.  I will update comment here with the link shortly.

  3. @joan – The above mentioned fix is public –…/2673532

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