FAQ: Running Coded UI Test on a machine without VS

Another one of commonly asked question is how can I run Coded UI Test (or any other test type) on a machine without installing Visual Studio on it?

You can install Test Agent – the Test Agent is a light-weight install and it is free if you already have appropriate Visual Studio or Test Profession SKU.

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  1. Sanker says:

    I have test agents installed, I want to remotely execute the coded UI, how do I do it? What command I use from Machine A to run it on machine B. I have a settings file which has all the remote machine config. I am trying to do it from VS 2010 and I am not able to go past deploying status.

    Is there a way we can xcopy the test dlls on machine b and use commandline tool on machine A to run test on machine B

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  2. RP says:

    Hi…Can we use mstest option to execute coded ui tests from a machine where visual studio is not installed by just installing the Test agents in the machine??

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  3. @RP – Yes!!!  You can run Coded UI Tests using mstest once you have Test Agent installed.

  4. RP says:

    Thanks Gautam..I could able to do it.I observed that when only .net framework 3.5/4.0 etc…were there it could be done..Is my thinking correct? or suggest me some other option which is possible…

    And the requirements that are to be present in the machine other than Test Agent…

    Thanks in Advance!!!!

  5. RP says:

    What are the prerequisites used for executing the Coded UI tests through command line using MSTest.exe with the Test Agent installed and Visual Studio is not present in the machine….

    Does .Net Framework to be needed for sure….Please let me know about this…

    Thanks in Advance!!!!

  6. @RP – Yes, .NET is needed.  The Test Agent will install it.

  7. RP says:

    @Gautam: Thank you  for your valuable comments….Coded UI tests are very flexible and helpful…I wanted to know if there are any open source automation tools for the GUI functionality testing of .Net applications which would serve as better as the Coded UI tests….

    Can u please share me your ideas….

  8. @RP – There are various with their own pros and cons.  You will find better info on the web than I can provide.

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