How To: Get the Test Case associated with the unit test?

For running and managing unit tests using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), the users have to do tcm testcase /import of the test assembly.  This step creates a test case work item corresponding to unit test on the client side.  With this, users can do many new scenarios – most importantly start viewing the history/trend of…


How To: Bulk edit action recording?

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) has test runner using which one can do manual testing. One of the features that many folks use while doing manual testing using test runner is the Fast Forward feature. With this feature, a tester can do an action recording and later use that to fast forward the test with playback…


Sample XPath utility for Coded UI Test

Some important notes before I talk about the utility – This posting, and the sample herewith, are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at The sample is not supported by Microsoft or the author of this blog.  If you…


Multiline support in test steps

NOTE: If you installing above HotFix, it is advisable to install this one too – and  In fact, read about the latter one ( and you can directly install this which will get you everything. We have added multiline support in test steps in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM).  The multiline support in test steps…


How To: Make MTM right to left

Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) picks the language settings from OS.  There is no easy way to force MTM to pick alternate settings – say you are using English OS but want MTM be right to left (for example, you are authoring tests in Hebrew). One workaround to force everything in MTM appear right to left…


Want to know how we are using our tools?

If you want to know how we are using our tools, check out Dinesh Bhat, our QA manager, in this Channel9 video.


More posts on Coded UI Test Extensibility

A long while back, I had posted a series on extensibility of Coded UI Test.  Mathew Aniyan from my team has added few more posts to the series recently – Custom WPF Control’s custom properties Enabling UI Testing for Third party WinForms custom controls – 1 Enabling UI Testing for Third party WinForms custom controls…


FAQ: How do I resume my manual test?

Q) I am running manual test using Test Runner.  In here, I can pause the test and return to Testing Center.  However, after I have done my work in Testing Center, how do I resume my test? A) There is discoverability issue around here and many folks have stumbled on this.  You can use the…


Dev Info: Which StringComparator to use?

  This post continues on the Dev Info from the previous post.         The confusion over what string comparator to use is close second to the #1 coding confusion (mix up between CultureInfo.InvariantCulture and CultureInfo.CurrentCulture) mentioned earlier.  MSDN has a good detailed article on this here and below is just my summary…


Dev Info: Which CultureInfo to use?

I have been posting a lot about the product – Coded UI Test and Microsoft Test Manager.  This is my first post probably on the dev topic.  The post is copy\paste of the internal email that I sent to our dev team.  You will find this useful if you do Globalization\Localization of your code.  …