FAQ: Editing test case while using test runner

Many folks have requested that they want to edit the test case while they are running it in test runner. While this is not possible in the current release (Microsoft Test Manager 2010), there is a poor workaround for this – After starting the test in the runner, you can use the highlighted button to…


FAQ: Why am I getting “access denied” during recording?

If you are using recording feature of Coded UI Test or Fast Forward feature of Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and getting the following error – The last action was not recorded because access to the application was denied there could be two reasons for this – The application under test (one that you are trying…


Test Attachment Cleaner power tool released!!!

We have released new power tool called Test Attachment Cleaner that can be used to delete unwanted attachments test attachments from the TFS. For more details, refer here.