How To: Reset all the UI settings of MTM

In Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), we remember bunch of UI settings like size information, default sorting preferences, columns chosen in the grid etc of various screens.  This is to give you consistent experience across MTM sessions.  These settings are remembered by storing in user configuration files and then re-applied when you open MTM again. Sometimes…


New updates to MSDN topics on MTM and Coded UI Test

Katrina from our team has been doing fantastic job in updating MSDN docs around testing tools regularly.  She has recently added more stuff – check out  New help topics and updates to topics for September 2010.


How To: Give alternate path for picking test dlls?

Microsoft Test Manager always uses the associated build information to find and load test dlls for running automation.  However, one user came up with the scenario where their test code is not build with the application (dev) code.  They are associating MTM properly with the application (dev) build because that is the build they are…


Coded UI Test and MTM supports IE9 Beta!

Coded UI Test and Fast Forward feature of Test Runner supports IE9 Beta.  For more information on this, check this out.