Forums are the best place to ask questions and report issues

I am getting lot of questions and issues reported on my blogs as comments of which many are unrelated to the original blog post.  The blogs are not the right place for these questions. 

The best place to put your questions or report issues is the MSDN Forums. These forums are -

It is also a good idea to search forums before posting your question.

When posting question or reporting issues, especially reporting bugs\failures, it is good idea to include -


Comments (4)

  1. Silly question, but how do I attach a HTML log file in community forum?

  2. Not silly at all.  I would suggest either copypasting it on the message or uploading it to your own SkyDrive and putting the link here.

  3. Bipin says:

    Hi Gautam,

    How do I check background color of cell in datagrid on win application ?

  4. @Bipin – You cannot do this today with out of box solution.

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