Update on Coded UI Test support for Silverlight

The blog is last updated on July 14th, 2010.

For latest on "Coded UI Test support for Silverlight", please refer here.

For latest on "Platform support matrix for Coded UI Test", please refer here.

Whenever we talk about platform coverage for UI automation one of the frequent requests is support for Silverlight app testing. We have been hard at work trying to cater to this need and I wanted to update you all on where we are with this effort and provide a roadmap.

We are working on adding support for Silverlight controls for “Fast forward for manual testing” and “Coded UI Test”. The focus is on line-of-business applications built with Silverlight 4 for both in-browser and on the desktop. The initial investigation is in progress and we are working with the Silverlight team to close on the overall design. We are planning to release a CTP version of a plugin around Q2CY2010. This will be delivered out of band to active MSDN subscribers (Test Professional, Premium or Ultimate) only.

We are establishing the final release timeline and will let you know of that in one of my future updates.

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  1. raavi.kishore@hotmail.com says:

    Hi   Gautam,

    May I know when plug-in for Coded UI will be released to support Silver light.

    I'd like to know the same for Flash. If Coded UI doesn't support Flash, are there any 3rd party plug-ins available in the market to support Flash in Coded UI?



  2. Greg says:

    Any update on support for Silverlight 4.0 ?

  3. Please refer blogs.msdn.com/…/update-on-silverlight-ui-automation-release.aspx for latest update on Silverlight support in Coded UI Test.

    Re Flash – We don't have any plan to support Flash as of now.  Please refer for support matrix.blogs.msdn.com/…/platform-support-for-coded-ui-test-and-fast-forward-feature-of-test-runner.aspx



  4. Kishore Raavi - raavi.kishore@hotmail.com says:

    Walkthrough: Creating, Editing and Maintaining a Coded UI Test for Silverlight Application


    Here is FULL SAMPLE hand coded UI script for Silverlight   application  


     public void SilverlightHANDCODINGTest()


      BrowserWindow br = BrowserWindow.Launch(@"http://localhost:1377/SilverlightApplication1TestPage.html");

      UITestControl sCustom = new UITestControl(br);

      sCustom.TechnologyName = "Web";

      sCustom.SearchProperties.Add("ControlType", "Custom");

      sCustom.SearchProperties.Add("TagName", "OBJECT");

      sCustom.SearchProperties.Add("Type", "application/x-silverlight-2");

      sCustom.SearchProperties.Add("TagName", "OBJECT");

      // sCustom.DrawHighlight();

      SilverlightControl sframe = new SilverlightControl(sCustom);

      sframe.TechnologyName = "Silverlight";

      sframe.SearchProperties.Add(SilverlightControl.PropertyNames.MaxDepth, "-1");


      SilverlightEdit sTextBox = new SilverlightEdit(sCustom);

      sTextBox.TechnologyName = "Silverlight";



      sTextBox.SetProperty(SilverlightEdit.PropertyNames.Text, "Thank god");

      SilverlightButton sButton = new SilverlightButton(sCustom);

      sButton.TechnologyName = "Silverlight";

      sButton.SearchProperties.Add(SilverlightButton.PropertyNames.DisplayText, "Button");




      SilverlightComboBox sComboBox= new SilverlightComboBox(sCustom);

      sComboBox.TechnologyName = "Silverlight";








  5. What about using Coded UI with flash. I know that i does not support flash and we have to make custom API or Coded UI extension . I want to know from where i can get the extension or any code related to flash extension . Not the excel one….

  6. @ankit – we don't have any sample code for Flash extension.

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