Setting different drop location with same build type

There was this question in Team Foundation forums -

We have developers at two different sites.   Is it possible to have a single team build type that we can run on build machines at each site using a drop location local to the site?

In Team Build, there is an option to override Build Directory but there is no option to override Drop Location.  However, one can override the Drop Location by using Build Directory to distinguish between two sites.

For example, the current entry in TFSBuild.proj looks like -


Remove that line and add -

<DropLocation Condition=" '$(BuildDirectoryPath)'=='D:\MySite1' ">\\MySite1Server\drops</DropLocation>

<DropLocation Condition=" '$(BuildDirectoryPath)'=='D:\MySite2' ">\\MySite2Server\drops</DropLocation>

The the site 1 should pass D:\MySite1 as build directory in the UI (or command line) and site 2 should pass D:\MySite2.

The complete forums thread is here.  (There is a known issue here in Beta 3.  Please refer the thread for the workaround.)

Happy Building!!!

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