First blog is tough

First blog is tough to write. So I think; it took me 6 months after creating the id to come up with this first blog.  Do not let your ignorance compel you into thinking this as procrastination. I have list of 1001 valid excuses! (One of which is I could not blog because the dog wagged his tail! [:)])


Even though I have been lazy in writing, I have been reading lot of blogs – of my team mates – Abhinaba Basu, John Lawrence; of my other esteemed colleagues – Somasegar, Don Box and other folks like – Crabby Lady.  Every time I read a boring blog (check your browser it is taking you to wrong link), I felt good about not writing. On the other hand, an interesting blog (yeah, now your browser is working fine) use to make my resolution to blog stronger.  I must have read enough interesting ones…

One of the tough parts of first blog is introduction; especially for an introvert person like me it is no easy task.  It would have been good if I had a page like where I could redirect for introduction.  No one would have bothered to check it and I would have got away with it. Er, may be I should have still done this…


Anyways, here is the trivia; I am Gautam Goenka, working as a development lead at Microsoft India Development Center, Hyderabad, India.  Presently I am working on a cool release - Visual Studio Team System, more specifically Team Build component of Team Foundation Server.  I have been in Microsoft for over 5 years and in previous incarnations have worked on products like Visual J# and Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino.


I am very excited to be part of Team Foundation Server team.  It is great to see the product shaping along nicely.  We have been using it internally for several months now and with each refresh of new bits, I can clearly see that the product is much more robust, reliable and with new user-friendly features.  More on these in coming blogs…


Now that I have written the first blog, I assume subsequent ones will not be this tough.  Let us hope Newton’s law of inertia will work in my favor!

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  1. VDeevi says:

    Hi Gautam

    Great to see your first blog, thanks that you have started your blog so that we can post the comments directly to this…


    Venu Madhav.

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