PDC 2010 in Redmond, October 28-29

  Microsoft Professional Developer Conference (PDC 10) http://bit.ly/9uVaPf  is the leading-edge developer and architect conference where you can hear firsthand from Microsoft’s leaders about the next generation of Cloud Services, Phone, Tools & Technologies, Internet Explorer and Gaming Platforms. PDC 2010 is also an opportunity for you to get hands-on access to the latest technologies…


DreamSpark – Students get your FREE software here

Microsoft is Jump Starting the student developer with an offering of FREE developer tools. Just for being a student, you get professional-level developer and design tools as a download, at no-charge and with no strings attached.  The DreamSpark offering of software compliments MSDNAA program and MSDN AA program continues in its current form. There has…


Earn a PhD from a leading british University with sponsorship from Microsoft Research

Updated Jan 2010: I have been informed that  all the positions have been fulfilled and new oppurtunties will be posted at  http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/collaboration/global/open-phd-positions.aspx Microsoft Research Cambridge and UK Research Councils (BBSRC and EPSRC) have offered sponsorships to a number of universities in the United Kingdom for outstanding students from India, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, Russia…


Research RFP: Human-Robot Interaction: "Robots Among Us"

HRI is a large field with many active research projects in universities and other labs around the world. But much of the research to date has been focused on the robot and human somewhat in isolation from the broader computing environment around them. Our intention in this RFP is to focus attention on the general…


Software Design Competition

The North American Software Design Competition is a team-based competition to create an innovative software application around the Imagine Cup theme to “Enable a sustainable Environment for all” The SDI is about motivating students to take their knowledge and skills, combined with their passion and flex their innovation muscle in applying them outside of the…


Academic papers for presentation at the 3rd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development

15 papers were selected from 60 submissions for presentation at the 3rd Annual Microsoft Academic Days Conference on Game Development (February 28-March 3, 2008) : Title: Game2Learn: Improving the motivation of CS1 students          Authors Tiffany Barnes, Heather Richter Title: Game Design and Development Students: Who are They?        Authors Jessica Bayliss, Kevin Bierre Title: Bringing a…


Student Film Competition

A new student film competition for celebrating student films that capture the Technology Heroes is now available.  To qualify for judging, films must relate a story of a Technology Hero in a positive light and must be set in a Microsoft and/or AMD Technology environment. Entries can feature real or imagined Technology Heroes in dramatic, humorous, surprising,…


Technology program for Girls

Microsoft is offering a technology program for girls in high school to provide a better understanding of what a career in technology is all about. During the event, students interact with Microsoft employees and managers to gain exposure to careers in business and technology and to get an inside look at what it’s like to…


College Recruiters

Microsoft College careers provides you an overview of the jobs at Microsoft, Life at Microsoft and Interview process. See http://www.microsoft.com/college/ for more information. Recruiters for Schools are listed at http://www.microsoft.com/college/YourSchool.aspx