HPC Training

There are two trainings offered by 3rd party vendors or Microsoft certified partners on  the Windows Compute Cluster (CCS) http://www.pluralsight.com/courses/AppliedComputeClusterServer.aspx http://www.cbtplanet.com/microsoft-compute-cluster-server-training-courses.htm Technorati Tags: HPC,Windows CCS,training

Microsoft eScience Workshop to facilitate accelerating time to scientific discovery

The cross-disciplinary 2008 Microsoft eScience workshop being held in partnership with Indiana University at the  University Place Conference Center & Hotel at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in Indianapolis is expected bring together scientists from different research disciplines to share their research and experiences of how computing is shaping their work and to provide new…


Teaching Computational Finance on a hosted Windows HPC Cluster with 5years of Central Market S&P 500 tick data

Computational finance courses have free access to a Microsoft hosted HPC Cluster with 5 years-worth of ticker data for S&P 500 stocks available in a central market data database for modeling and analysis. For course/curriculum use, educators can upload the models and students can browse and monitor the model. Since the modeling and analysis is…


How to run Windows HPC in a Virtual environment

Windows HPC Cluster can be deployed in a virtual environment leveraging the Hyper-v in Windows Server 2008 x64 edition – Server or Enterprise. The Virtual HPC Cluster deployment can help use a single machine to build a multi-node cluster for testing or instruction. See the detailed hardware and software setup and deployment instructions at https://windowshpc.net/Blogs/China/Doc/VirtualClusterDeployment3.docx. Technorati…