Expression Studio web design software for students in Bliink competition

 Microsoft bliink is about providing a opportunity for Aspiring Technologists in US high schools to create websites that ‘Imagine a future made better by technology’.

 Microsoft bliink competition aims to build student interest in technology by providing a contest to explore web design and an oppurtunity to be creative with technology. 

Expression Studio software for use by students and teachers in the Microsoft bliink competition is provided in 2 ways:

  1. Through the MSDNAA-High School program [sign-up]
    • MSDNAA-High School is an institutional offer to any secondary school in the US [sign-up]
    • sign-up instructions are provided here
    • Latest, full featured, professional-level design and development software provided is licensed for use by teachers, students and labs. Students and teachers can also install the software on their personal machines, at no cost.
  2. Through DreamSpark program
    • DreamSpark is a direct-to-student software program, at no cost to students.
    • Latest, full featured, professional-level design and development software provided is licensed for use by students (on their personal machines)
    • Every student who registers in the Microsoft bliink competition (beginning Jan 5th) is sent an DreamSpark access code that will grant you 12-month access to all the full version software available at
    • Once you get the access code from Bliink registration confirmation email,
      • Navigate to:
      • Login with your LiveId [Create a LiveID if you do not have one]
      • Enter your unique, one-time use access key
      • Download Expression Studio software for the Bliink contest and any other software available in DreamSpark for your learning
      • Get training material and other learning resources from


if you have any questions about Bliink contest or the getting the Expression Studio software, contact us at


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