Free Training to create Video Games — no programming involved

Microsoft is offering a Free training to create video games at it’s Redmond, WA campus.

Learn problem solving, logic and storytelling skills, along with the basics of computer programming, while building a video game -- all with out writing any code.

Kodu is the free simple to use visual programming language that is designed for students in 4th to 7th grades – that enables students to build video games that require them to analyze problems, structure their logic, and tell their story. The ‘KoduKamp for Kids’ has 2 offerings, each 3 half-days in duration.

  • Kodu Kamp #1: Aug 16-18, 1pm to 4pm
  • Kodu Kamp #2: Aug 17-19, 9am to 12 pm

Sign-up for one of these Kamps by emailing and register.


Kodu Kamp for Educators is on August 19, 1pm to 4 pm (on Microsoft Redmond Campus) is also free and sign-ups are by emailing

Can’t attend the Kamps?    Learn more about Kodu, download for free and get the curriculum as well from

Kodu   A visual programming language designed specifically for younger students to create their own games on PC that can run on the XBox. Kodu teaches introductory computer science concepts in a playful way.

Introduce Kodu and watch novices take to technology!Maek Math FUN using Kodu using material at

Download Kodu, review the 'Getting Started Videos' and use the Kodu learning kit from for self-learning or in an after school program.

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