Making Windows 7 available to Students from their school/department download centers

Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition English (x86 and x64) and Windows 7 Enterprise Edition English (x86 and x64) are available in MSDN Academic Alliance since August 6th for download by MSDN AA Administrators.  Today (Aug 13), Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition English (x86 and x64) are available in ELMS (e-academy License Management System) that distributes the software to students. Enterprise editions of Windows 7 are for lab installs and so are not in ELMS.

See the snapshot of my ELMS download center with Windows 7 Professional (x86) highlighted below. Note that Windows 7 Professional is shown in the dropdown list as well as the box-shot below – either location is valid for obtaining the software.


MSDN AA members using the ELMS download as a distribution mechanism (“Hosted ELMS”) need their MSDN AA Program Administrator managing their school/department ELMS site  to enable Windows 7 at their local school/department, thereby making it available to all members at their school/department for download. ( I just  enabled it on my ELMS site).

The process to enable Windows 7 for ELMS download:

  1. Your MSDNAA-ELMS Program Administrator logs into the school/department’s ELMS site (example:

  2. Clicks on ‘Product Management’, ‘Rapid Setup’ and ‘Configure Hosted ELMS now’

  3. Checks the box against Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition English x86 and clicks on ‘Enable All’  (or ‘Enable Selected’)

That’s it – this makes the Windows 7 Professional x86 available in the dropdown as shown above (a couple of more steps makes the box shot as well).

Students can then download Windows 7 from their school/department ELMS download servers (where they have membership accounts).



If you have additional questions, contact your MSDNAA Program Administrator by clicking on the ‘Support’ tab of your school/department ELMS download center and looking for the contact information shared by your Program Administrator.


If you do not know your school/department's MSDNAA-ELMS download site, search for it at and click on the "Get Software" link against your department.

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  1. Adam says:

    Hmm, still not up on the MSDNAA site for my university, just send the support guy an email, so hopefully it’ll be there soon enough.

  2. pio1 says:

    What if I would like to install windows 7 (from msdnna x64 version) both on my PC and Netbook? Can I obtain second serial?

  3. Me says:

    When it will be available in local languages?


  4. pio1 says:

    For example I can download language dvd from elms, but I don’t know if this information can help you…

  5. Me says:

    but aren’t language packs only for enterprise and ultimate editions?

  6. pio1 says:

    I have one more question, can I develop java/qt/others commercial applications on that PC that I installed Windows 7 from MSDNAA? I have also Notebook with Vista OEM license, but I like to work on my Desktop PC 🙂 I know that I can’t develop commercial application with Visual Studio from MSDNAA but what about Windows use…? Thanks for advance

  7. Tye says:

    On how many computers can we install Windows 7…is it just a license for one computer or can we install on all the computers we have at home?

  8. kez odd says:

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhh,hate websites that dont just give u the link easily instad of avin to fo all this sorta stuff

  9. Nicolas Merolle says:

    Would like to test feasibility of cutting-edge software within university support and early childhood.

  10. Dave says:

    Why just students?  Why can’t an instructor get this program?  My school ELMS administrator said I couldn’t!

  11. PY says:

    Will the Enterprise Edition ever be available to students? I can’t unterstand why it is in MSDNAA, if students are not able to download it…

  12. allen says:

    hey i was wondering if the COB business will ever get access to Win 7 eventually. Can I get an answer from here. is for San jose State. thanks

  13. arek says:

    You will get 1 license for 3 computers. 😀

  14. Pugalenthi says:

    How come one license for 3 computers???? is it via MSDN-AA??

  15. Matthew says:

    This is just the RC and it expires in a couple months…when will the real windows 7 be available on msdnaa?

  16. Biswambhar says:

    Thankyou for providing Windows 7 to students of Nepal

  17. Biswambhar says:

    Thankyou for providing Windows7 for nepals students. It will surely help you to progress. Thank you again

  18. amir ghimire says:

    i’m from nepal.i recently heard that windows 7 is available for nepalese student alos. please clarify, how do we nepali students will be able to download windows seven for free.

  19. Aaron says:

    Que tal, soy de Mexico y mi pregunta es ¿Que necesito para instalar Windows 7 en mi PC y en mi portátil?, ¿Cuáles son los pasos a seguir?.

  20. A Aaron says:

    Necesitas el DVD.

    Paso 1. Lo compras.

    Paso 2. Lo instalas.

    Tan tan.

  21. Ubaid says:

    Thanks for windows 7. I got one from my university.

  22. Hrvoje says:

    Hi, is this Windows 7 Professional OEM version or retail?

  23. gautam says:

    MSDNAA includes Windows 7 Professional Retail.

  24. Karan says:

    Is the license for windows 7 only active as long as you are a student? In other words, what happens after you graduate and are no longer a valid student but had already installed the free windows 7 offered to you as a student? Are the terms the same for the 39.99 offer for students?????

  25. gautam says:

    Students registered to take a STEM class can obtain any and all the software from MSDNAA (including Windows 7). Once the student installs the MSDNAA software, they can continue to use it for non-commercial purposes in perpetuity. i.e. you do NOT have to remove the installed software after you graduate.

    I am not sure about the $39.99 student offer, but i suspect it has the same conditions.

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