Windows 7 is available through MSDN Academic Alliance

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional is now available in MSDN Academic Alliance. Next week Windows 7 will be available through ELMS download for student distribution.

Windows 7 Client Retail Professional Edition (English) is included for student distribution in both the x86 and x64 variety. For lab installs, Windows 7 (x86 and x64) Enterprise Edition (English) is included with the volume license keys.

The specific features included in Professional and Enterprise editions are described at Note that the Windows 7 Enterprise has the same features as Windows 7 Ultimate edition. The features that Windows 7 Enterprise (and Windows 7 Ultimate) has in addition to those in windows Professional are support for BitLocker Drive Encryption, Multilingual User Interface and UNIX application-support.

There is NO supported upgrade path from either Windows 7 Beta or Release Candidate (RC) - to Windows 7 RTM (Release to Manufacture).  For additional information, see Windows 7 Upgrade Paths.


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  1. naren says:

    hi gautham

    can you please tell me when it would be available on msdnaa for ieee computer society.

  2. taipeidentists says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting it so soon.

  3. Subrato says:

    I am waiting for Win 7 to appear on IEEE site. Can you tell me when that might happen ?

  4. Redober says:

    I assume it will be available for IEEE members next week since IEEE members have access through ELMS.

  5. gautam says:

    Windows 7 will on ELMS site this week – by Aug 15th. Additionally, the IEEE (or school/department) MSDNAA program administrator has to enable Windows 7 product for download. Once both these steps are complete, students/members can download Windows 7 from their MSDNAA-ELMS accounts.

  6. Josh says:

    Will the Enterprise edition be made availabe to computer science courses like vista enterprise was?

  7. Neil says:

    how does elms work?

    Does the local MSDNAA administrator need to add Windows 7 RTM manually?

    Does Microsoft make it available to MSDNAA and then it automaticlly appears?

  8. Josh says:

    your going stir crazy like me arent you.  man this is driving me insane.  

  9. gautam says:

    Windows 7 Professional available in ELMS now. Just made a blog post

  10. Ville says:

    Will the other versions of Windows 7 (ultimate or enterprice) be avaiable in ELMS? If they will, are there any info about the time?

  11. gautam says:

    As noted in this log post, Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise have exactly the same features. Also, the feature difference between Professional and Enterprise is in 3 areas – BitLocker Drive Encryption, Multilingual User Interface and UNIX application-support.

    Let us know which of these features are important to student-use and why.

    Current plan does not include adding Enterprise edition to ELMS as it is intended only for lab installs. The professional edition, in ELMS, is for student distriution.

  12. Johan - IT Uppsala, Sweden. says:

    Multilingual User Interface is highly appriciated due to students living in countries where english is not their first language. Therefor Ultimate or Enterprise would be great, where you can install additional languages, for example swedish.

  13. Fernando says:

    As Johan said above, Multilingual User Interface is important for students that live in countries where English isn’t the first language. I live in Brazil and I’m used to Windows in Brazilian Portuguese since my first computer in 1999.

    The BitLocker Drive Encryption would also be great to protect our data, especially in USB flash drives. The UNIX application-support is interesting, but not so important in my opinion.

  14. Thomas Danecker says:

    The most interesting feature missing in the Professional Edition is booting VHDs…

  15. Ville says:

    The benefit for students from multilingual UI and bitlocker are quite clear as so small number of us speak English natively and security is always of interest. Also, I think especially students are interested in UNIX support. Quite many students run Windows and Unix-based operating systems side by side.

    But well… maybe the multilingual support and bitlocker are the most interesting features from students point of view.

  16. Mark Matthews says:

    I have been talking to my local ELMS admin and he has let me know that the current offering of windows server 2008 r2 to MSDNAA are AA Lab Key or MAK activation only. When will server 2008 r2 be available to students.

  17. Iluvatar593 says:

    I think the Multilingual User Interface is available on ELMS downloading the ‘Windows 7 Language Pack’ (x86/64), which includes many languages (for example Brazilian Portuguese).

    I also think that BitLocker and in particulary UNIX application-support would be very interesting for a student.

    Sorry for the bad english.

  18. Fernando says:

    The Windows 7 Language Pack is available on ELMS, but we can’t install it on Windows 7 Professional. The MUI can be used only in Ultimate and Enterprise.

  19. Iluvatar593 says:

    You’re right Fernando, i tried today but i can’t change language…

    So, will the versions in other languages will be available? (For example, i’m Italian and i’ve some downloads like ‘Windows Vista Business DVD (Italian)’ or ‘Windows XP Professional with SP2 (Single User) ISO Image (Italian)’

    I also found this guide to slipstream MUI language pack in installation DVD:

    I’ll invalidate my copy if i do it? Is the same between RTM and the final release now available?

    Thanks and sorry for the bad english.

  20. Fernando says:

    I’ve read somewhere that the other languages would be released for MSDN subscribers only on October 1st, but it’s already available in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish since last Friday ( ). I think they will be available on MSDNAA in some days, as happened with the English version, which became accessible to us one week after the MSDN release.

    The guide to slipstream MUI language pack in installation DVD is interesting, Iluvatar593. But I’m not sure if it’s legal or if Windows will work correctly “forever”, especially when installing a service pack.

  21. Hungrys says:

    For those who are wondering whether you can change the display language with windows 7 professional, the answer is no. Changing display language is a ‘feature’ of the enterprise and the ultimate edition. However, you can integrate a language pack into the original image. After you have done that, you will have more than one option for ‘display language to install’. So yes, you can still have your prefered language display on your monitor with the professional edition :).

    I have already done that for myself, i am not 100% sure whether we can do that or not. I will guess its still okay as long as it is for personal use.

    Just a reminder for those who havent try sth like this before. To integrate, you better have a working environment with windows 7 (the OS) and windows 7 AIK installed. I have tried to do the same thing with vista and vista AIK installed but its not working since some of the commands are not working.

    Good luck everyone, and have fun with the new OS.

  22. Hungrys says:

    I was wrong, you can do the integration with vista or xp, it doesn’t have to be windows 7. Sorry for my mistake.

  23. tye says:

    I have access to Windows 7 through ELMS thru my university…Is the windows 7 RTM license only for one computer, or can I install it on all the computers that I own at home?


  24. Juve says:

    my college is offering win 7 professional. i was wondering if its a full version key or a beta version key which may expire?

  25. Mike Zhang says:

    I think the Enterprise version should be included in ELMS. The reason is that Vista Enterprise version was included in ELMS, and now those who have Vista Enterprise installed cannot do UPGRADE to Windows 7 Professional.

    A clear install is of course the other option, but it’s cumbersome.

  26. David Balcak says:

    I also think the Enterprise edition should be included in ELMS. Features like MUI and BitLocker are very useful for students as well, at least for me. Or maybe there could be updates including such features.

    There’s Windows 7 Language Pack but I don’t see the point if I can’t install it on Professional edition.

  27. R. Orlando says:

    I am running Office Pro 2007 on a Vista 64-bit system.  What is required (the steps) in order for me to "convert" to Windows 7?  Also, where can I go to do a comparison of the Windows 7 versions?

  28. joe smith says:

    Last week I switched from win XP pro to Linux Mint. It is an excellent OS. You might try it out.

  29. Lee Jackson says:

    Windows 7 (English Version) was pulled from IEEE yesterday…the day I got my access details! I start an MSc course next week and was hoping to do a software refresh prior to that so very disappointed…

    Oh point for posting here was I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on why it has been removed?  

  30. Roderik Plas says:

    Do you need a previous version of Windows to instaal Windows 7?

    Is it possible to put the Windows 7 download (Enterprise or Professional) on a CD?

  31. Jason says:

    Lee, I’d have to guess IEEE removed it due to people registering when they are not in an IEEE-designated field of study or even a student. As with the ACM membership, people have advertised an IEEE student membership as an inexpensive way to get Windows 7, leading to people to lie while registering, just to abuse the program. It’s a shame because a student membership is really useful for electrical and computer engineers.

  32. IEEE says:

    Microsoft has removed Windows 7 and we should know the status this week. We regret the inconvenience and will let you know Microsoft’s decision onrestoring Windows 7in this offer for students pursuing technical studies.


  33. James says:

    Al i have to say is I am taking Begginging PC repair, i was recently told about the free download , and i would really love it , and now some idiots have screwed me, I sure hope microsoft will put it back so i can get my copy. Most in my class have it and now im like the kid wearing velcro shoes when everyone else has upgraded to shoelaces =(

  34. Paul says:

    Odd coincidence… or is it?  The day MS pulls Windows 7 from IEEE they announce a student price of $30 for the software.

  35. Paul says:

    Sorry, meant MSDNAA (not IEEE)

  36. chif1988 says:

    i hope they let ieee members download again… i will need it in january… i will also need the sdk for it but im not gonna bother downloading it without the operating system…

  37. Jason says:

    Not to be mean, but I hope they don’t.

    And chif1988, that’s why.

  38. Christoph says:

    It’s a pity that Windows 7 is not available for ieee subscribers. I was hoping to give it a chance to convince me that things have improved. On the other hand, I am still happy with my Linux, so … no worries 🙂

  39. Ville Suian says:

    Well… I’ll be downgrading to XP due to the IEEE-issue. All respectable workplaces still use XP, if they even use Windows, so it doesn’t really matter. I guess the decision to withdrawn 7 from IEEE-students will strengthen the XP’s position even more as only Windows environment.

  40. g3n10z says:

    22 october…

    windows 7 still not in ieee msdnaa…when it will appear?


  41. Ramesh says:

    Windows 7 is still not on IEEE-MSDN. It is really bad since people from other countries are getting it through their respective MSDNAA for free

  42. Vincent says:

    Hi Gautam,

    Would you able to find out whether win7 will be available again on ieee msdnaa? If yes, is there a date for this? if not, i will need to find an alternative way for win7.


  43. Bob says:

    It’s not in the ACM MSDNAA site either.  I wonder if IEEE and ACM are just both slow at administrating their respective MSDNAA sites?

  44. Don L says:

    I’d just like to second the request for some info regarding the IEEE MSDNAA availability of WIN7. I’ve been looking forward to getting win7 after I found my ieee membership included this with MSDNAA.

  45. Francisco Gonzalez says:

    To all those complaining that Windows 7 is missing from the IEEE MSDNAA:

    Instead of posting here where it is unlikely that anyone will read, send an email from your college account (ending in .edu) to the following addressees:

    Include your IEEE member number and a complaint about the situation. Ask what is being done to resolve the issue for those of us that have genuine student accounts?

  46. gautam says:

    I will check into the IEEE and ACM status of MSDNAA and Windows 7 availability and make a post here next week. Meanwhile know that you can get Windows 7 Professional from your University/department MSDNAA membership.

  47. Jerry says:

    hi, Gautam

    just to let you know, in my university(Imperial college london), only those computing student can get win 7, for people from electronic engineering like me, we can only get it through IEEE, please help us, I like win 7, been using the 7100 build for ages now…..

  48. Kevin says:

    I recieved this the other day after writing:

    Dear Kevin,

    Microsoft has removed Windows 7 temporarily from this benefit. Management are currently having discussions on the direction they will take with this offer.  We regret the inconvenience and will let you know Microsoft’s decision on restoring Windows 7 in this offer for students pursuing technical studies.


    Denise Christian

    Senior Customer Service Representative

    IEEE Computer Society

  49. Bob V. says:

    Bummer. Guess I’ll have to get it from "alternative sources".

  50. Xenon says:

    Well, there’s always getting from MS’s Ultimate Steal promotion for students. $29 (or $39 for Canadians like myself) for a perpetual license of Win 7 Pro.

  51. John says:

    Yeah, but the Ultimate Steal promotion is useless for people like me who need two GUIs for their operation system. Unfortunately only the ultimate version allows to change the language.

    If Microsoft doesn’t change their policy towards IEEE I will have to switch to Linux unfortunately.

  52. Ryan says:


    Any news on IEEE/ACM yet? I don’t know that my college even has an independent MSDNAA membership, so that’s not exactly an option for me.

  53. LM says:

    It’s too bad some idiots had to ruin it for those who are actually eligible for this. My school has an MSDNAA account, so I’m good. But I feel bad for others who should be able to get this.

    I wonder why IEEE doesn’t do any sort of verification. Microsoft has an easy verification for DreamSpark. IEEE should adopt that.

  54. IEEE student who will not be using 7 says:

    No possibility of paying for 7. No cash clear not even $30 so no windows. looks like Ubuntu is the only real alternative. So puzzling that Ms has turned their back on IEEE students. Those who have already got with free systems can use them but those without can go elsewhere huh? Tastes bad real bad. Ultimate rob.

  55. Molimo says:

    It is actually Available right now on IEEE MSDN Website but not In Downloadable Form, You have to Pay for the Shipping and it is only an Upgraded Version. (Much like Buying a New Laptop or PC Before Windows 7 Came Out.

  56. Piotr says:

    I’ve got a question regarding the ultimate steal program for Win7: Is it possible to install a second language? I need it because I have to work with a Polish and English user interface.

    It’s really important for me to know that, because if this is not possible, I will have to abandon Windows and start working with Linux/Ubuntu.

    Thank you!

  57. Raminda says:

    i am using  msdn70.e-academy in uni kelaniya if im trying to download software it gin error  SDC00400 what i am do to solve it

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