Which one to get – MSDN or TechNet?

I was  just asked the  question -  which one to  get MSDN  or TechNet  subscription?

Both MSDN and TechNet  subscriptions include  Microsoft  software that  is licensed per  user.  MSDN Premium and TechNet Plus contain roughly the same software titles, though TechNet Plus does not include any Visual Studio or Expression products.

TechNet Plus subscriptions also include eLearning and other resources for IT Professionals. 

Both MSDN and TechNet Plus include Managed Newsgroups, Online Concierge, and Technical Support Incidents (2 incidents for TechNet Plus, MSDN Operating Systems, and MSDN Professional; 4 incidents for MSDN Premium).

The software provided with an MSDN Subscription is for design, development, testing, and demonstration of applications in a non-production environment.

The software provided with TechNet Plus subscriptions is for evaluation purposes only,

  • to understand features to make usage, deployment or purchase recommendations or decisions
  • Use Microsoft software with 3rd party applications to make usage, deployment or purchase recommendations or decisions on the Microsoft software
  • Become familiar and keep up to date with the latest Microsoft software to support internal or external clients using or deploying the software.

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  1. Meteor says:


    Now I know the difference between MSDN and TechNet.

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