How to download and install Microsoft Software from MSDN AA

MSDN - Academic Alliance (MSDN AA) Program is the easiest and most inexpensive way for students and faculty in the technology and design fields to get the latest Microsoft software they need. MSDN AA is a per department license and any student registered to take a course in the STEM-D (Science, technology, Engineering, Math and Design) is eligible to install on their personal computer, any/all software available in MSDN AA, for non-commercial use. They do NOT have to remove the software from their personal computer when they complete the course or even when they graduate.

Additionally, the software can be loaded on any number of instructional and research computer in the STEM-D department.

If you want to know whether your STEM-D department subscribes to MSDN AA, you can

  1. Navigate to the MSDNAA web site ( and click the School Member Search link, found within the Students subsection.
  2. Choose US, enter your city and state, and Click Find Schools.
  3. Check the list for your school's name. If your school's name does not appear in the list, double-check that the city you entered matches that of the school's address.

Once you find your school listed, contact your school or department to get all the MSDN AA Microsoft software for Free.

Instructions for Downloading ISO images of the Software products, burning ISO images, mounting and installing is explained in the attached document.

Another set of instruction for installing from ISO image are provided at

MSDNAA Software download and install Guide v1.1.doc

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