Free Microsoft resources from NGO Connection

NGO Connection is an online resource for non-profit groups around the world that provides resources to help advance the causes of the NGOs. See for more information about

  1. Getting free and discounted software

  2. Access to low cost personal computers and other hardware products

  3. learning about software support resources and other grant benefits

  4. getting training material and information about obtaining certification


NGO Connection provides technology resources, knowledge sharing, community building and real-life examples to assist non-governmental organizations (NGOs)  so they can use technology more efficiently to achieve their goals as well as to encourage networking and coordination of NGO resources across the world.

"Whether a non-profit group is searching for access to software or interested in networking opportunities with other organizations working on similar projects or looking to engage with Microsoft and other partners on key initiatives, NGO Connection offers all the resources that they need to achieve their goals," said Pamela Passman, corporate vice president of global corporate affairs at Microsoft.

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