Curriculum Modules for Teaching Business Intelligence

A new and updated version of the popular SQL Server BI Teaching modules (with VPC) have been produced.  This release continues to use SQL Server 2005, since SQL Server 2008 is not scheduled for RTM until July or later.  Some of the features include:

  • The VPC on this edition has a 500-day time bomb, which should be plenty until the availability of the next release with SQL Server 2008.
  • Many embedded go links in the documentation and supplements, and a contact phone number
  • Eight new exercises for use with the Microsoft Enterprise Consortium's massive real world data sets, plus links to the MSEC home page and sign-up page
  • Detailed instructions (with screen shots) of how to set up and configure the SQL Server Virtual PC Image

Requests for these FREE DVDs containing the teaching modules should be sent to

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