ReMIX08, Silicon Valley, April 17 – learn about Windows Live, Silverlight and Cloud Services

Want to know the latest information on Microsoft efforts in building Rich Internet applications, that can be hosted in the Cloud with the Windows Live Platform for creating Social networking applications?

ReMIX08 is a FREE event at Microsoft's Silicon Valley Campus on Thursday April 17, 2008. The all day event includes keynotes by Dan'L Lewin, Scott Guthrie and talks by Angus Logan, Sam Ramji, Don Dodge, Istvan Cseri on topics including the Windows Live Platform, Silverlight, OSS at Microsoft, Social Networking and Cloud Services. See for additional details.

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  1. Starting the 12th when i’m back my schedule gets a bit crazy (Seattle/Silicon Valley/Sanfran/Orlando/Sanfran/Seattle);

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