Research RFP: Human-Robot Interaction: "Robots Among Us"

HRI is a large field with many active research projects in universities and other labs around the world. But much of the research to date has been focused on the robot and human somewhat in isolation from the broader computing environment around them. Our intention in this RFP is to focus attention on the general paradigm shift from "robots as tools" to "social robots", and consider HRI in the context of the existence of a plethora of other computing devices deployed in the modern human environment, including PCs, Smartphones and the World-Wide Web.

The specific details and objectives of the RFP are detailed in the document linked above.

AWARDS: The total amount available under the RFP is US$500,000. Microsoft Research anticipates making approximately 7-10 awards averaging US$50,000, with a maximum of US$70,000 for any single award. Awards are for 1 year.

DEADLINE: Thursday, December 13, 2007, 12:00 Noon PST (PST is -8 UTC/GMT)

QUESTIONS:  Please see the full RFP at:

Please address any questions about the RFP to

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