MSDN webcasts on 64-bit platform computing

Here are some really cool MSDN webcasts related to 64-bit computing. If you are getting started with 64-bit platforms or want to know a lot more about them, I am sure you would find these to be useful.   ·         MSDN Webcast: Welcome to 64-bit Windows Computing: Introduction, Architecture, Roadmap and 32-bit Application Compatibility (Level…

Floating points – IEEE-754 Floating Point numbers

I found these blog entries from Prem to be quite exhaustive. So posting the links here just in case you would want to know more …

What is WoW, Windows on Windows, WoW64, WoWx86 emulator … in 64-bit computing platform

Before we discuss this, it is important for the users to understand a few facts about 64-bit platform offerings.   64-bit computing (from a Microsoft perspective) comes in two variants ·         x64 (EM64T/AMD64) ·         Itanium (EPIC)   Both, Windows Server 2003 SP1 64-bit and Windows XP 64-bit, support the above two mainstream 64-bit processor architectures….


64-bit Visual J# Redistributable TAP goes live

If you have been reading my blogs and wondering that why off late I have been discussing a lot of advantages, issues and other stuff related to 64-bit computing – here is the answer. All this while (since the Whidbey release) the Visual J# team has been working on enabling the language for 64-bit platforms….


Dual Core Vs Dual Processor Vs Hyper Threading

As we start talking of high performance computing, 64-bit platform offerings etc. some of the buzz words that come into play are dual processor, dual core and Hyper Threading. I thought it would be a good idea to find and write about what these technologies are all about, who fares where and what is the…


Some interesting reads on 64-bit performance benchmarks

Here are some of the sites that I have really found good and informative about the different performance reports for 64-bit platforms (from a MS technology centric perspective).   64-bit Performance Benchmark: .NET 2.0 and IBM Websphere 6.0 –   XML performance showdown: Java, Mono and .NET –   Performance figures for 64-bit…


Moving from 32-bit to 64-bit application development on .NET Framework

This blog aims at clarifying the issues which 32-bit developers might be having when they start migrating to the 64-bit platform. My observations below would be concentrated towards the .NET Framework related technologies. Most of the things I discuss below are available at various scattered places. I am just aiming at collecting them at a…


Cross compilation in the 64-bit .NET Framework world for platform specific features

In today’s world, a lot of applications are written targeting both the 32-bit and/or the 64-bit platform. Using cross compilation, users can now create applications using the .NET Framework which are platform agnostic. This is achieved by the data in the PE header maintained for each app in the .NET Framework world.   Compilers like…


64 bit technology, Processors, Operating Systems available today

There are a whole lot of names by which the 64-bit technology is famous. I just wanted to get a comprehensive list of the same available at one place for my own use. Here is what I found out when I searched for the various names/technologies/OS’s available in the 64-bit arena. The following are the…