Microsoft Ajax View tool

Recently, MS made a public release of the Ajax view tool and I thought it's surely worth mentioning and spreading the word around.


Overview snippet of the tool …

The goal of the Ajax View project is to improve developer's visibility into and control over their web applications' behaviors on end-user's desktops.


The Ajax View approach is to insert a server-side proxy (or web server plugin) in-between the web server machines and the end-user's browser. This proxy captures the web application's JavaScript code as it is being sent to a browser and rewrites the code to insert extra instrumentation code. The injected instrumentation code runs with the rest of the web application inside the end-user's browser and can capture performance, call graph, application state and user interaction information, providing visibility directly into the last hop of the user's experience ...


Download from

You can find the download and usage information at


More information

John’s blog item about Ajax View on the IE team blog has more information regarding the same:


Comments (2)

  1. Aaron says:

    Just be sure that your readers note that currently the license isn’t ‘commercial/business’ friendly (which limits the audience significantly):

    You may not use or distribute this Software or any derivative works in any form for commercial purposes. Examples of commercial purposes would be running business operations, licensing, leasing, or selling the Software, distributing the Software for use with commercial products, using the Software in the creation or use of commercial products or any other activity which purpose is to procure a commercial gain to you or others.

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