Visual J# 2.0 Redist Package Second Edition: Targeting Different Platforms using Visual Studio 2005

Visual J# applications were designed to be built in an “x86” only mode using Visual Studio 2005. The main reason for the same was the fact that Visual J# Redist 2.0 supported execution of J# applications natively only on 32-bit platforms. On 64-bit platforms, the Visual J# applications used to run only in the WoW mode and native 64-bit execution was not available.  Now, with Visual J# Redist 2.0-Second Edition, users can build and execute Visual J# applications natively in 64-bit platforms. Users can build Visual J# applications specific to the following platform types:


·         Anycpu – binaries that are platform agnostic and can run on any platform type natively

·         x86 – binaries that run natively on 32-bit machine and in WoW mode on 64-bit machines

·         x64 – binaries that only run natively on x64 architecture 64-bit machines

·         IA64 – binaries that only run natively on Itanium architecture 64-bit machines

Here are the steps that are needed to build Visual J# applications to non-default (non x86) architecture type using Visual Studio 2005

1.       Ensure that you UNINSTALL Visual J# Redist 2.0 which comes as a part of Visual Studio 2005.

2.       Install Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable Package – Second Edition on the machine.

3.       Make sure you are using the “Visual J# Development Settings” for Visual Studio (read more about how to change the development settings in Visual Studio at my blog post here).

4.       Now, when you open any J# Project/Solution in VS2005, go to the Configuration Manager as shown below




5.       This would open the Configuration Manager as below, in which you need to define a <New> Platform type as below



6.       Choose any of the three settings as shown in the drop down of the new popup window



7.       Let the other choices remain as-is



8.       Hit OK. This would show the updated platform setting in the Configuration Manager.

9.       Close the Configuration Manager

Build your Visual J# Project/Solution and you are all set.

Comments (3)
  1. waheeb says:

    Visual J# 2.0 Redist Package Second Edition ineed plz

  2. Owen Corpening says:

    So there is no longer a merge module like vjsharpredist_x86.msm? I expected to find _x64.msm and _ix64.msm.

    I expected I would just modify the launch condition or something – are you saying my install needs to halt while the user travels to a URL, chooses the correct redist, then comes back and hits OK to proceed?

  3. Ian says:

    I receive the following errors if I install the Second Edition, going back to the original Edition my x86 platform will then build but not the 64bit. Any Idea how to reolve this, I suspect that the xml schema is not updated correctly but haven’t determined how to reolve this. The vjc executable has the platform option, the compilation fails both under MSBuild and Visual Studio 2005.


    (161,15): error MSB4064: The "Platform" parameter is not supported by the "Vjc"

    task. Verify the parameter exists on the task, and it is a settable public insta

    nce property.


    (142,9): error MSB4063: The "Vjc" task could not be initialized with its input p


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