64-bit Visual J# Redistributable TAP goes live

If you have been reading my blogs and wondering that why off late I have been discussing a lot of advantages, issues and other stuff related to 64-bit computing – here is the answer. All this while (since the Whidbey release) the Visual J# team has been working on enabling the language for 64-bit platforms.


Today, we have officially opened the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) with select customers and MVPs for 64-bit Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable today. This program would run through June’06.


With the 64-bit Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable now available, J# users can now leverage

         Existing 64-bit workstation and server infrastructure investments

         Existing 64-bit .NET Framework investments


Catch you soon with more!!!

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  1. Alois Kraus says:

    You did mean June’06 or am I mistaken?

  2. GauravS says:

    Thanks Alois Kraus. You are correct. I have recitified the same in the blog.

  3. Joy says:

    After this TAP program, when will the J# redistributable be publically available?

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