How does WoW64 work?

In one of my previous posts I discussed a little bit about WoW/WoW64 in 64-bit computing. While I was trying to write more about the same, I came across this blog from Craig McMurtry – After reading the same, I felt that this post is very comprehensive and there is not much left to…


MSDN webcasts on 64-bit platform computing

Here are some really cool MSDN webcasts related to 64-bit computing. If you are getting started with 64-bit platforms or want to know a lot more about them, I am sure you would find these to be useful.   ·         MSDN Webcast: Welcome to 64-bit Windows Computing: Introduction, Architecture, Roadmap and 32-bit Application Compatibility (Level…


Floating points – IEEE-754 Floating Point numbers

I found these blog entries from Prem to be quite exhaustive. So posting the links here just in case you would want to know more …


What is WoW, Windows on Windows, WoW64, WoWx86 emulator … in 64-bit computing platform

Before we discuss this, it is important for the users to understand a few facts about 64-bit platform offerings.   64-bit computing (from a Microsoft perspective) comes in two variants ·         x64 (EM64T/AMD64) ·         Itanium (EPIC)   Both, Windows Server 2003 SP1 64-bit and Windows XP 64-bit, support the above two mainstream 64-bit processor architectures….


64-bit Visual J# Redistributable TAP goes live

If you have been reading my blogs and wondering that why off late I have been discussing a lot of advantages, issues and other stuff related to 64-bit computing – here is the answer. All this while (since the Whidbey release) the Visual J# team has been working on enabling the language for 64-bit platforms….