64 bit technology, Processors, Operating Systems available today

There are a whole lot of names by which the 64-bit technology is famous. I just wanted to get a comprehensive list of the same available at one place for my own use. Here is what I found out when I searched for the various names/technologies/OS’s available in the 64-bit arena. The following are the findings


Technology Names

·   x64 (Extended 64)

·   AMD 64

·   EM64T

·   Itanium

·   RS/6000 64-bit solution from IBM

·   Power PC architecture from IBM

·   PowerPC 970xx Processors from IBM

·   x86-64 for porting open source software to the AMD64 architecture

·   8.1.2 x86 64-bit processors



AMD64 based

EMT64T based

IA-64 based

·   Intel Itanium 2 Processor


Power PC

·   Power Mac G5 with PowerPC processors from Apple


SPARC based

·   UltraSPARC T1 processor from Sun

·     UltraSPARC IV+ 64-bit processor from Sun


PA-RISC technology based

·     64-bit PA-RISC based processors

·     64-bit HP EV68 and EV7 Alpha processor


DEC Alpha Architecture based

·     DEC Alpha or Alpha AXP by Digital Equipment Corp. (Compaq)


Operating Systems

·   Windows XP x64

·   Windows Server 2003 x64

·   Solaris 8

·   Mac OS X Tiger

·   HP-UX operating system

·   Tru64 UNIX

·   Comprehensive summary of all OS's from AMD


I am sure that while compiling the above, I might have missed some names. In case you are aware, pl comment and help me add to my list.



Comments (3)

  1. In today’s world, a lot of applications are written targeting both the 32-bit and/or the 64-bit platform….

  2. This blog aims at clarifying the issues which 32-bit developers might be having when they start migrating…

  3. Ajoy says:

    Is there any performance degradation in installing a 32 bit OS say Windows XP professional on a 64 bit processor machine?

    If so what/why?

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