Intallation of JLCA 3.0 Beta on Visual Studio .NET 2003

While installing the JLCA 3.0 beta release for Visual Studio .NET 2003, we have heard back from some customers that there are errors such as the following being thrown

“The VJU.EXE Process ended unexpectedly”
“Microsoft.JConvert.Extensions.dll not registered. Please reinstall the JLCA”
“Conversion failed:  Main engine couldn’t be instantiated due to Security restrictions or setup problems”

The reason for these errors is that the users must first have the JLCA v1.0 installed in order to install the 3.0 beta release. Here are the steps to ensure that v1.0 is installed:
- Uninstall the JLCA 3.0
- Run Visual Studio setup – you need to go to the add/remove components option
- Under C#, make sure the JLCA is checked. If it’s not, check it and finish the Setup wizard so that the JLCA gets installed.
- Install JLCA 3.0 again and try using 3.0

If the JLCA was already checked, please write back to us at so we can diagnose the issue for you.

Comments (2)
  1. Robin says:

    "the users must first have the JLCA v1.0 installed"

    OK, where can I get it? Not obvious on the MS site.

  2. GauravS says:

    JLCA v1.0 comes integrated with Visual Studio .NET 2003. The only thing the user needs to make sure is that while installing VS .NET 2003, the JLCA option under C# is checked.

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