Image Carousel App Support

Configuring Image Carousel app on your site

  1. Add Image carousel as app part on your page
  2. Go to app part properties and select the appropriate size
    and maximum number of items to be shown in image carousel app part.
  3. It supports 3 different sizes- Large: 940px X 350px, Medium:
    620px X 260px and Small: 390px X 200px
  4. You can choose up to 8 images to be shown in the image
    carousel. It is restricted to maximum of 8 items because more items can hamper
    the performance of your site page.
  5. To configure images, click on the “Manage Carousel Items”
    link on the app part, it takes you to the library where you can add the images.

Note: This link is visible only to site admins or site collection administrators

Once you add the image, you can set the following item

  • Title: Text to be shown below the image on Image Carousel
  • Detail Link: On clicking on the image, user will be
    navigated to this URL
  • Display Order: Order of the image in the Carousel. Image
    Carousel shows images in ascending order of “Display Order” property on the
  • Open Link in New Window: Whether the URL in “Detail Link”
    opens in a new window or same.


*Update on Anonymous access issue:

It is verified that on an On-Premise site, the app works fine for anonymous users if following setting is done:

  • Go To Site Settings > Site Permissions
  • Click on "Anonymous Access" button on the ribbon
  • Uncheck the "Require Use Remote Interfaces permission" checkbox



For SharePoint Online sites, it is a known issue that any app that uses SharePoint list or library will not work on public facing SharePoint online site as per MSDN article.

You will not see the "Anonymous Access" button on ribbon on SharePoint online site.

As this app uses an image library as the data source, it is currently not possible to make it work on a public facing SharePoint online site

Screenshot from MSDN below.


Comments (28)

  1. Jan Coetzee says:

    I get the following error message the app to a page of the MS365 public website

    To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.

  2. Scott Smith says:

    I am getting this error after logging out of O365: {“readyState”:4,”responseText:’,”status”:404,’statusText:Not Found’) when I try to browse to the page as an anonymous visitor to the public-facing site. Any Ideas?

  3. NB says:

    Same here with Public Error. Any ideas?

  4. J4 says:

    I also am having the readyState error – I have 3 images and get the error 3 times when I go to the page.

    It also has the "Manage Carousel Items" link open in the region of the banner (and no images)..any idea please

  5. Eric says:

    I am getting the error {“readyState”:4,”responseText:’,”status”:404,’statusText:Not Found’). Is this going to be fixed?

  6. Alex says:

    Everything works great. Thank You!

    I'm sorry for everyone who is having issues.

  7. sri says:

    I am unable to trust the app… pls advice

  8. Emmett says:

    I get {readyState”:0,”responseText:’,”status”:0,’statusText:'error’}. none of these apps work

  9. webbrewers says:

    Obviously this doesn't work in public sites. Please either remove it or fix it so it works as advertised.

  10. Beasley says:

    Where can I modify the maximum number of pictures? I know it may hamper performance, but I still want to experiment around with it anyways.

  11. Krishna says:

    Please add the flexibility to display images from picture libraries on the site.  This allows for multiple instances to be used on different pages.  Thanks.

  12. Martyn says:

    Same error as Emmett when site is public.

  13. Methodus Italian says:

    Same error as Emmett when site is public

  14. julien says:

    Turn on more accessible mode

    Skip Ribbon Commands

    Skip to main content

    Turn on Animations

    Guiberteau frères







       Open the More menu to navigate to more apps

           Office store




    To navigate through the Ribbon, use standard browser navigation keys. To skip between groups, use Ctrl+LEFT or Ctrl+RIGHT. To jump to the first Ribbon tab use Ctrl+[. To jump to the last selected command use Ctrl+]. To activate a command, use Enter.

       BrowseTab 1 of 3.

       Library Tools

           FilesLibrary Tools group. Tab 1 of 2.

           LibraryLibrary Tools group. Tab 2 of 2.

    Image Carousel

    Image Carousel


     Use this list to manage images to be shown in the Image Carousel App.

    new item or drag files here

    All DocumentsOpen Menu





    Detail Link

    Display Order

    Open Link In New Window


    Modified By

    There are no files in the view "All Documents".

    impossible de gérer les images dans cette vue

  15. Christian says:

    How do I prevent the images in the carousel from being stretched?

  16. Greta says:

    I am getting and error message stating I need to sign in, HTTP 403. I believe I am signed into office, SharePoint and my home computer. What am I missing? I can not load any images into Carousel.

  17. Gaurav Badhan says:

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    This app currently does not work on anonymous site. I am working on an update that will make it work and it will be available soon.

    For stretching the images, there are 2 options, either the image get cut to fix the carousel size, or it is stretched. This app is designed to stretch it so that some important part of image does not get cut.

    For optimal images, it is advised to have the images of same size as of the arouser app part, i.e. Large: 940px X 350px, Medium:620px X 260px and Small: 390px X 200px

  18. Andreas Mertens says:

    What do you think, whats time you have finished the new Version that can useing on a public website

  19. Sunil says:

    Hello Gaurav, do you a time frame as to when there will be an update to this app so it can be used for a public website, all I can input is (this could be something to do with permissions, since we can see the carousel once we're sign in), great APP, just wish it could work….thanks

  20. Gaurav says:


    Please try following to make it work on public facing sites:

    Got to Site Settings > Site Permissions

    Click "Anonymous Access" button on ribbon, a pop up will open, here uncheck the check box "Require Use Remote Interfaces permission".

    Now try.

    More information is available on MSDN article:…/dn579415(v=office.15).aspx

  21. webbrewers says:

    "This app currently does not work on anonymous site."

    So why is it listed in the public site category?

  22. Chris says:


    Unable to activate app on anonymous site

    NOTE: To make it work on anonymous sites, the "Use Remote Interfaces" permission requirement must be disabled. Go to Site Settings>Site Permissions, click "Anonymous Access" button on ribbon and UNCHECK the checkbox that says "Require Use Remote Interfaces permission"

    I do not have the "Anonymous Access" button on ribbon Please help.

  23. Does not work for SharePoint Online for anonymous users says:

    Does not work for SharePoint Online for anonymous users

  24. Priya Chohan says:

    I cant seem to view the 'manage carousel items' and I am system administrator. Any help would be good

  25. Ben Schneider says:

    The app seems to have broken on Office 365 after the sharepoint environment was updated.  After inspection with Google Chrome, it seems that it is looking for _layouts/15/MicrosoftAjax.js when embedded on my site, but it is receiving a 404 error from the server.  It is working correctly when viewing the slideshow on the app page.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The app works perfectly.  But is there any way to force the app to display more than the 8 images?  Our environment is *very* stable and my image sizes aren't large, so I'm fairly sure a higher image count won't break the tool.  I need the app to accommodate up to a maximum of 20 images.

    Is there a setting I can tweak, or get a modification that will allow more than 8 images?

  27. vijay says:

    Could anyone please help me to reduce the speed of the display in the image Carousel.

  28. Does this work with SharePoint 2013 foundation says:

    Hi, the app works perfectly within the "app" but when we add the app part to the site no images are displayed?

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