Image Carousel App Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement Image Carousel SharePoint app does not use any Internet-based or mobile services. This app does not collects and/or transmits user information.


Image Carousel App Support

Configuring Image Carousel app on your site Add Image carousel as app part on your page Go to app part properties and select the appropriate size and maximum number of items to be shown in image carousel app part. It supports 3 different sizes- Large: 940px X 350px, Medium: 620px X 260px and Small: 390px…


Creating a custom navigation for SharePoint 2010

This blog is about creating a highly configurable custom navigation for SharePoint 2010 using minimum code. The navigation can be global navigation, current navigation or any navigation. It will all depend on how it is configured.   I will follow the approach creating a custom menu that would be placed on Master page using delegate…


How to read custom web part properties at client side using javascript in SharePoint 2010

There are some scenarios where you might need to have custom web part properties available at client side. Reading web part properties in client side can be tricky while developing a sandbox solution for SharePoint Online, where we cannot use Visual Web Parts. Examples of such scenarios are: Passing web part properties data to third party JavaScript….


Deploy a SharePoint site using automated powershell script

This blog is about deploying a SharePoint solution using powershell script. Usually during the development phase, a developer creates a web application, creates a site collection, then install the WSP solution manually. But the whole process can be automated in order to make deployment simple in testing, UAT or production environments. We need 3 files…


Handling ASP .NET session expired message in SharePoint 2010 through javascript

There are situations when one needs to handle session expiring in SharePoint solution. This error can occur either because of Session time out after some time as specified in Web.Config, or due to some external control that is being used in the SharePoint site. An example is using SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services report viewer…