SQL Server 2005 Rocks – another Step to prove enterprise scalability – Latest TPC-H Results


Another step to prove the enterprise scalability of SQL Server 2005.


The results are in— Microsoft SQL Server 2005 delivers the #1 price/performance for 3TB TPC-H non-clustered benchmark. The recent TPC-H benchmark study with HP demonstrates Microsoft SQL Server’s ability to deliver enterprise scalability and performance enabling our customers to run large scale, mission critical applications with the best price/performance.


This result is twice the size of previous SQL Server benchmarks achieved for the launch of SQL Server 2005 demonstrating Microsoft’s increasing price/performance leadership that SQL Server continues to push the performance envelope.  Furthermore, SQL Server 2005 outperformed the previous best result on Windows with performance of 60,359 QphH@3TB (queries per hour) compared to the previous record of 37,813 with a much better price/performance of $32.60 compared to $38.00.*

To see the full results of the study, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/compare/benchmarks.mspx



* TPC results as of 5/21/07. HP Integrity rx8640 (with SQL Server), 60359 QphH@3TB, 32.60 $/QphH@3TB, available 5/21/07. HP Integrity rx8640 (with Oracle), 37813 QphH@3TB, 38.00 $/QphH@3TB, available 5/14/07. Source: Transaction Processing Performance Council (www.tpc.org).

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