Fix: Failed to open/create the internal network ‘HostInterfaceNetworking-VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter’. Error “VERR_INTNET_FLT_IF_NOT_FOUND” with Docker QuickStart Terminal and inside Oracle Virtual Box

During setup of Docker on my laptop, i faced this issue. I tried a few things suggested on the web but could not find out one source of truth to resolve this issue. I am writing this blog so that . Error: Below is the exact error message that we get in Docker QuickStart Terminal when launched first time….


JavaScript: String.Split with StringSplitOptions, Array removeEntries

  You would have used String.Split in C# a lot of times and would have appreciated options available like StringSplitOptions. Sometimes, we need similar split options in JavaScript as well. I have written this utility method which you can use  I have extended JavaScript “String” class using string prototype to add this method in all…


The web server process that was being debugged has been terminated by Internet Information Services (IIS). This can be avoided by configuring Application Pool ping settings in IIS.

  A lot of developers might have seen following dialog box while debugging any web application in Microsoft Visual Studio. “The web server process that was being debugged has been terminated by Internet Information Services (IIS). This can be avoided by configuring Application Pool ping settings in IIS. See help for further details.”   Explanation:…


Line numbers in Visual Studio not shown?

  At times, you see that line numbers are not coming up in Visual Studio. In fact, this is a setting which can be customized as per your need. You can even enable or disable this feature as per the file types. Go to Tools –> Options and select Text Editor and enable line numbers…


Security Identifier(SID): GetSID of a user,object using Registry, WMIC, PowerShell

At times, we are in a situation when need to identify the SID of any object. The security identifier (SID) structure is a variable-length structure used to uniquely identify users or groups. For more information Refer here  We have different ways to identify the SID of any object. However, my main objective of writing this…


SQL Express LocalDB and it’s deployment on IIS server

This blogs talks about the latest version of SQL Express database, also known as LocalDB and about a specific issue when SQL Express LocalDB is deployed on IIS server. Here is the link to the blog post:


The view must derive from WebViewPage, or WebViewPage<TModel>. (The view at ‘~/Views/home/index.cshtml’ must derive from WebViewPage, or WebViewPage<TModel>.)

I am writing this blog to help you understand the following scenario which you can see sometime while working on the ASP.NET MVC website. You are prone to get this error message if you are using ASP.NET Razor view syntax and specifically not using the Visual Studio provided template to develop an ASP.NET MVC website…


Deployment of SQL Express LocalDB on IIS

This blog might be helpful if you are planning to deploy or have deployed LocalDB on the IIS server and running into issues. In recent times, we have been using SQL Express with ASP.NET websites as a light weight version of SQL Server when we don’t need enterprise level features. If you noticed the title…


Encrypting section of config file using aspnet_regiis.exe – The configuration for physical path ‘*web.config’ cannot be opened.

  We are already aware that The ASP.NET IIS Registration tool (Aspnet_regiis.exe) is used to register ASP.NET applications with Internet Information Services (IIS). It provides us with some other features as well and maximum of them are on its MSDN article. One such feature is encryption of config file sections and that is obviously for…


Web Farm Framework: “Routing rules” is not visible

I am writing this blog to shed some details on Routing Rules and to point out a scenario which you may run into. Recently, I found one of the case with one customer where Routing Rules icon was not visible when selected the Server farm.     You may see this issue if you are…