Introducing the .NET Service Bus with Juval Lowy

I know this is not the ideal way to announce something, retrospectively that is. If you weren't at tonight's Introducing the .NET Service Bus event you missed out. It was presented by Juval Lowy is Microsoft’s Regional Director for Silicon Valley, seasoned software architect, founder of IDesign and one of the world’s top .NET experts.

My intention here is not to rub your nose in it but rather to introduce you to an awesome resource if you are in anyway involved in software development and don't yet know about it: The Joburg Center for Software Engineering (JCSE) who hosted the event with support from Dariel Solutions and Microsoft.


For those that want to know more about the .NET Services Bus, it is part of the new Microsoft Cloud Computing Windows Azure initiative. The .Net Service Bus allows clients to connect to services across any machine, network, firewall, NAT, routers, load balancers, virtualization, IP and DNS as if they were part of the same local network, and doing all that without compromising on the programming model or security.  This is an awesome piece of the technology and definitely something to keep an eye on as the Microsoft Software + Services efforts evolve and the Azure initiative matures towards release.


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