Back in the Saddle

Hey There! I’ve been getting many people inquiring where I’ve been.  The short story is, I hurt my back (inflamed disc), and was on short-term disability for a couple of months. Hmm. That’s the long story too. 😀 I think the most important thing to bring out of that experience is, when you have a small…


OSCON: First Post!

Those who have been around a while will certainly know of Robin Miller.  I bumped into Robin this morning, away from OSCON, over at yonder Doubletree hotel, where I was meeting up with Eric Garulay, from Addison Wesley. We’re cooperatin’ on a few upcoming podcasts on Open Source (and one that I did back in…


OSCON: Open Source Convention in Portland

Next Week, OSCON, the open source convention is happening in Portland–I reckon I mentioned that before.  I will be one of many many folks from Microsoft attending.  It’s real great that we’re not only sending people to an event like this, but so many folks are actually expecting that we’re going.  I keep bumping into…


This Week: Off to MGX, Next Week: OSCON!

I’m off to Microsoft’s MGX conference (Microsoft Global Exchange) in Orlando this week.  At MGX, the global sales force converges to learn and understand what’s new, and what’s going on. I’m going along to get a feel for what the evangelists are doing, and to communicate with some groups. I’m not too sure what to expect at…


Chatting about Open Source at University of Waterloo

I was in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada last week for a day talking to the students at the University of Waterloo about the Open Source Labs at Microsoft, and about working at Microsoft as an intern or full time employee.(well, I stayed in Kitchener, the university itself is in Waterloo)  Now, I grew up in the era…


How to move the herd–one open source project at a time

Folks have been asking me, how can we believe that Microsoft is changing to see open source in a positive light. Microsoft has been hiring a lot of people over the last several years–Since YE2002 we’ve went from ~50,000 employees to ~78,000 employees. That means the over 1/3 of the company has been with the…


SvnBridge — Use Tortoise SVN with Team Foundation Server

I just got ping’d by the very fine Jonathan Wanagel, about a very cool, and very early build of SvnBridge: Project DescriptionSvnBridge allows you to use TortoiseSVN and other Subversion clients with Team Foundation Server. It converts the calls made by your Subversion client to the API supported by TFS. SvnBridge works by running an…


There can be only one MVP program

I got to my office this morning, and found that gettin’ off the horse too quickly often means steppin’ in a cow pie. Ah well, like my cousin Teddy used to say : “Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back.”  … and he’d know… poor old Teddy…


Open Source at Microsoft — Herdin’ cats or Cow Chips?

Howdy! I’ve recently moved from the Federated Identity group into the Open Source Software Labs at Microsoft.  I’ve been rather busy of late, finishing up things for the Identity folks, and getting things started over here in the OSSL, so I apologize for the silence. Many folks have been askin’ what this is all about,…


I hacked RSA!

I successfully hacked RSA, check out the details on my blog: g   Garrett Serack | Program Manager |Federated Identity Team | Microsoft Corporationblog: