OSCON: First Post!

Those who have been around slashdot.org a while will certainly know of Robin Miller.  I bumped into Robin this morning, away from OSCON, over at yonder Doubletree hotel, where I was meeting up with Eric Garulay, from Addison Wesley. We're cooperatin' on a few upcoming podcasts on Open Source (and one that I did back in June, on CardSpace).

We're fixin' to meet up later this week, and point our video cameras at each other... Hopefully, we'll avoid creating some sort of rupture in the space-time continuum.  It'll will prove to be an interesting conversation--I'm sure we're both gonna tell the other about how the cow ate the cabbage...

Anyway, that'll be a whole 'nother post, I'm sure.  I'm gonna go catch an afternoon session, and we'll see what shakes loose.  I was in on one about PHP extensions... Cool Stuff, but it shore is alot of work.

I better run-- looks like the grub will be ready soon.

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