Hiring again

Folks, if you want to work on Visual Studio, here’s your chance. We’ve two openings for senior developers on my team working on building WPF-based experiences and the underlying infrastructure for agile/enterprise team dev tools. http://bit.ly/gb8P76 && http://bit.ly/gjHsqC   Apply through the jobs site and ping me or just get in touch directly. C’mon, let’s…


Belated Welcome – Eyal Lantzman

Very poor show of me – I forgot to welcome Eyal Lantzman to the team. Eyal recently joined the team in Cambridge, (I originally wrote “us” instead of “the team” there – note to self – must remember that I live in America now!).  As part of this, he’s made the big life change of…


Come to the VSX DevCon

James has just posted a few of the session abstracts for our spiffy VSX Developer Conference to be held in Redmond, WA this September.   Much VSX and DSL goodness and a chance to bug the team about what you want us to be creating next. Take a look and get yourself registered. Technorati Tags: VSX,Visual…


Where have all the testers gone?

(With apologies to Paula Cole) We’ve had jobs posted for testers for DSL Tools and the other cool Visual Studio eXtensibility things we’re doing here in Redmond on the Visual Studio Ecosystem team for a while now and to my amazement, they’re still open. We’re looking for a lead and a couple of individual contributors…


Welcome Jean-Marc!

Somewhat belatedly, I wanted to welcome the latest addition to the Visual Studio eXtensibility team. Jean-Marc Prieur has been a long-time contributor to our community and now he’s joined the team.  I’m sure he’ll have a huge impact with his passion for extending all things Visual Studio. Welcome on board Jean-Marc. Technorati Tags: VSX,Visual Studio…


DSL on the Mersey

Paul Kinlan dropped me a line about a talk he’s doing on DSL and T4 at the upcoming Liverpool .Net User Group. Find more event details here.


Come hang out at VS Live in San Francisco

Just a quick note that my colleague Anthony Cangialosi and I will be speaking about Visual Studio eXtensibility, DSL Tools, Visual Studio 2008 Shell and other similar goodness at VS Live in San Francisco on Monday.  Hope to see some of you there or at the Visual Studio Extensibility booth.   Visual Studio Extensibility: How…


Is your job so bad?

From Jim Glass… A CRM Riff : 5 Reasons to Quit Complaining About Your Job The first one gives me vertigo just sitting here. Technorati Tags: Job Humor


Wojtek at Wicsa

My esteemed colleague, Wojtek Kozaczynski, will be giving a tutorial on “Representing Application Architectures in Software Factories” at Wicsa 2008, 18-22 Feb This tutorial will explain the concept of packaging software development guidance and assets, and in particular the guidance about the application architecture, in the form of software factories. It will demonstrate, using specific…


Too much of life wasted on this soundtrack…

This video is very amusing for Microsofties and maybe helps lift the veil to outsiders on why we’re such a corporate powerhouse 😉 If I never have to hear that music again it will be too soon.