What’s new in T4 for Visual Studio 2013?

Visual Studio 2013 Preview has been out for a while now so I thought I should announce the new goodies in the product for T4 this time around. As the T4 engine is fairly mature now we focused on a couple of scenarios that have been blocked or tricky for customers. I’m sure you’ll agree…


T4 Debugging – Under The Hood

Hi – my name is Tim Malone and I’m a developer in Visual Studio, working on T4. I began my time at Microsoft in the summer of 2010 as in intern working on what would eventually become the new "Debug T4 Template" feature in Visual Studio 2012 (described here). I’d like to expand a bit…


DevArt joins the T4 Template Editor Fray

  We’ve now got a third contender in the Visual Studio T4 Editor space.  The good folks over at DevArt have joined the race. From their press release: Devart today releases a new powerful Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates with syntax highlighting, intellisense, code outlining, and all features of first-class text editor add-in…


Pluralcast Podcast on T4

  A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast about T4, and how it’s being used inside and outside Microsoft with the estimable David Starr, who I happened to meet up with at the recent MVP Summit. You can check it out in the PluralSight Pluralcast blog. Enjoy. http://www.pluralsight-training.net/community/blogs/pluralcast/archive/2011/04/07/pluralcast-39-t4-with-gareth-jones.aspx Technorati Tags: T4,PluralCast,PodCast,VST4


New T4 blog and new T4 samples

Some of you may have noticed that we’ve launched a new T4 official blog over at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/t4. We wanted a single place to consolidate information about T4, whether it be from my team that produces the core T4 engine or the teams within Microsoft that build on top and use T4 as their code generation…


VS2010 SP1: T4 Improvements Summary

Over the last few posts, I’ve talked about the exciting improvements we’ve made to T4 Text Templating in Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010. Here’s a quick roundup: Firstly, T4 no longer locks referenced assemblies in memory, meaning it’s much easier to use reflection in T4 templates and to use compiled helper libraries. Then…


WCF RIA Services updates T4 Code Generator

  As it’s the Silverlight Firestarter event today, the very cool WCF RIA Services team have released a new version of their toolkit. You can get the general skinny at Jeff Handley’s blog, but the bit that caught my attention was that they have updated their T4 code generator templates. You can get more detail…


Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack with T4 Code Generation

As Jason Zander and Cameron have announced, we’ve just released the first Feature Pack for Visual Studio 2010, the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack. This pack is available to all MSDN subscribers and among a host of other great features, adds T4-based code generation to our UML static class diagrams.     This add-in works…


What’s new in T4 in Visual Studio 2010

OK, Visual Studio 2010 is well and truly released, so I thought I’d better catalog what goodness is in the box for all you T4 fans out there..   For template authors: Preprocessed templates to allow embedding of template-based generation in arbitrary applications without a runtime T4 dependency. There is a new custom tool, new…


Bending T4 to be a textual DSL host

The estimable MVP and T4 enthusiast, Kathleen Dollard has a new post where she’s using T4’s ability to spit arbitrary text as a host for a textual DSL. She’s set up a small DSL for describing contract interfaces for a MEF framework: new Interface() { Name = “ISearchModelBase”, Scope = Scope.Public, CompositionInfo = { new…