DSL Tools tip #2: When the wizard won’t run

One or two people are coming across this gotcha, so I thought I’d post. In order for the Domain Specific Language Designer wizard to work, you have to run it from a regular version of Visual Studio, not the VSIP “Exp” version.   If you use the “Exp” version you’ll get an error along the lines…


DSL Tools tip: Open a dmd file with all/no properties visible

In the December release, you can choose whether the drop-down sheets for value properties on domain classes are expanded or collapsed each time you load a file.   The UI for this is in the Visual Studio Tools/Options dialog, under the Domain Model Designer/General section.  The value to alter is ValuePropertySheetDefaultVisibility.


If you are experiencing problems converting your IMS files to DMD…

<blush>Looks like a bugette crept into the installer for our December release that stops the file conversion tools we provided from working.</blush>   To work around this, you need to edit the corresponding .exe.config file for the tool that you want to use.   For instance, if you want to convert an ims file to…

Another domain model example

ChrisM has an example of using our Domain Model Designer on his blog and promises more with our new CTP download.  Looking forward to it Chris.


December release of DSL Tools ships

You can now download the latest Community Technical Preview of our Domain Specific Language Tools for Visual Studio 2005 Beta1.  With this release, you can create both a domain model and fully-fledged designer integrated into the IDE.  The attendant documentation will take another few days to propagate through the pipeline onto the workshop page on MSDN….


DSL Tools: Look and (soon) feel

We’re really close now with our new release – with luck, you should be able to get your hands on it in the next few days.  I know you’re dying to spend your Christmas holiday vacation creating domain specific languages for Visual Studio.   One feature that we’ve updated this time is the look and…


Heads up: Upcoming DSL Tools CTP – file format changes

We’re working to get our next Community Technical Preview shipped as soon as ever possible now. I thought I’d give a heads up on some changes we’ve made and something you might want to do if you’ve put any data that you care about into the previous CTP.   The previous drop supported two file…

Bug us

You can now submit bugs and suggestions about the DSL Tools to our team through the magic of the MSDN Product Feedback Center.  You’ll find us under the Visual Studio 2005 Team System product with a category of DSL Tools.  We’d love to hear any feedback on our first CTP while we’re working hard to get the…

Language-oriented or Metadata-driven?

Sergey Dmitriev has a great article on what he, and others, have called Language Oriented Programming.  Go read it, it’s a great piece.  As we’re heavily engaged in building Domain Specific Language tools at present we’re obviously swimming in the same sea.  However, I’m keen to look at LOP and DSLs as only one aspect of…