Maintenance-Free Mocking for Unit Testing with EntityFramework 4.0

Rab Hallett has a nice tool in the VS Gallery that uses T4 templates to generate mocks for unit-testing EF-based applications Maintenance-Free Mocking for Unit Testing with EntityFramework 4.0   Technorati Tags: T4,Entity Framework,Unit Testing,Mock Objects

Peter on UML Tools Extensibility

My esteemed colleague Peter Provost – whom I consistently fail to convince that I’m not into process engineering 😉 – has the first in what I’m sure will be a very informative series on extending the UML designers in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition   Technorati Tags: UML,Visual Studio 2010,Ultimate Edition

WPF, DSL in Visual Studio 2008

Although data-binding to WPF is a feature of DSL Tools in Visual Studio 2010, that hasn’t stopped our vibrant community from hacking away to get results today with VS2008. Have a look at this selection of posts: Using WPF As The Designer Surface In DSL Tools Provide an improved user experience to your DSL’s Both…

Tangible T4 Editor

I’ve been remiss generally in not blogging while we’ve been heads down on Visual Studio Beta1, but never more so than in respect of another T4 Editor that’s recently become available. The good folks over at Tangible Engineering have been releasing several versions of their T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2008 and now have released…


DSL Tools 2010 Beta1 Launches!

Jean-Marc announced today that the latest new beta version of DSL Tools launched today hot on the heels of the recent Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 SDK beta releases. The team is really proud of all the great features we’re shipping in this release.  I hope you enjoy them too. From Jean-Marc’s blog: Different…


Customizing Generated Resources in DSL Tools

Most of the code we generate with DSL Tools is pretty agnostic about its location or the filename you use for the template or the generated output. The one exception to this is the generated resource file (usually a pair called The reason this puppy is a little more sensitive is that the output…


Software Factories Redux

Don has a great post on where the p&p team are going with Software Factories and GAT/GAX. No doubt we’ll be talking to those good folks about how they can take advantage of new features in DSL 2010 in their 2010 versions of Factories.   Technorati Tags: Software Factories, VSX, T4, DSL Tools


TellMe Voice Studio Beta1

I just noticed that the good folks over at TellMe (a relatively new bit of Microsoft) have shipped a beta of their Voice Studio voice application dev tool, based on DSL Tools.  Very cool indeed! (I seem to be saying this a lot lately) I love the process of developing voice apps – One of…


T4 Adoption continues with ASP.Net MVC Tools

Ok, the big guns are pitching in now 🙂 Hot on the heels of the tooling for LINQ-to-Entities folks adopting T4 for their next release, comes another. Scott Guthrie just blogged about a new RC of ASP.Net MVC that will shortly be coming along.  It’s a long post, but down in the section on view…


T4 Interview in Redmond Developer News

A couple of months ago, John K. Waters of Redmond Developer News was kind enough to interview Rob Conery and I about T4 and code generation in general. You can find the results here. Technorati Tags: T4,Code Generaton,Text Templating,Visual Studio