Scaffold your ASP.NET MVC 3 project with the MvcScaffolding package and customize with T4

Steve Sanderson has a nice post up about a project he’s working on with the estimable Scott Hanselman. It’s a NuGet package that provides an even easier  on-ramp to development with the just-released ASP.NET MVC3 framework. In their words, it quickly generates a basic outline of your software that you can then edit and customize….


VS2010 SP1: T4 Improvements Summary

Over the last few posts, I’ve talked about the exciting improvements we’ve made to T4 Text Templating in Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010. Here’s a quick roundup: Firstly, T4 no longer locks referenced assemblies in memory, meaning it’s much easier to use reflection in T4 templates and to use compiled helper libraries. Then…


WCF RIA Services updates T4 Code Generator

  As it’s the Silverlight Firestarter event today, the very cool WCF RIA Services team have released a new version of their toolkit. You can get the general skinny at Jeff Handley’s blog, but the bit that caught my attention was that they have updated their T4 code generator templates. You can get more detail…


Maintenance-Free Mocking for Unit Testing with EntityFramework 4.0

Rab Hallett has a nice tool in the VS Gallery that uses T4 templates to generate mocks for unit-testing EF-based applications Maintenance-Free Mocking for Unit Testing with EntityFramework 4.0   Technorati Tags: T4,Entity Framework,Unit Testing,Mock Objects


Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack with T4 Code Generation

As Jason Zander and Cameron have announced, we’ve just released the first Feature Pack for Visual Studio 2010, the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack. This pack is available to all MSDN subscribers and among a host of other great features, adds T4-based code generation to our UML static class diagrams.     This add-in works…


Oleg on T4-MSBuild Integration

The newly released Visualization and Modeling SDK for Visual Studio 2010 includes support for integrating T4 with msbuild. (yay!) The ever-diligent Oleg Sych has the full skinny here.   Technorati Tags: T4,msbuild,Visual Studio 2010


Peter on UML Tools Extensibility

My esteemed colleague Peter Provost – whom I consistently fail to convince that I’m not into process engineering 😉 – has the first in what I’m sure will be a very informative series on extending the UML designers in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition   Technorati Tags: UML,Visual Studio 2010,Ultimate Edition


DTE and T4 – Better Together

A couple of folks out there have put together some really neat T4 templates that use the host-specific flag and then access Visual Studio’s DTE object model to read state from other code in the project and use that as metadata for code generation. Daniel Vaughan started out with a  nice post on using DTE…


T4 and Silverlight in Visual Studio 2008

Colin Eberhardt has a nice article on The Code Project walking through using a small textual DSL encoded in XML to define a set of dependency properties and then using that as a data source for T4 to generate all of the necessary boilerplate code. Apart from being intrinsically cool, he’s also doing this in…


ASP.Net MVC T4 Updates

Couple of newsworthy T4 links for the wildly popular ASP.Net MVC framework.   This one is from July but I hadn’t spotted it – David Ebbo has a new version of his T4MVC set of templates for view generation.   Space Invader Zim (nice name) has a walkthrough of an extension to the standard templates…