DevArt joins the T4 Template Editor Fray

  We’ve now got a third contender in the Visual Studio T4 Editor space.  The good folks over at DevArt have joined the race. From their press release: Devart today releases a new powerful Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates with syntax highlighting, intellisense, code outlining, and all features of first-class text editor add-in…


Pluralcast Podcast on T4

  A few weeks ago, I recorded a podcast about T4, and how it’s being used inside and outside Microsoft with the estimable David Starr, who I happened to meet up with at the recent MVP Summit. You can check it out in the PluralSight Pluralcast blog. Enjoy. Technorati Tags: T4,PluralCast,PodCast,VST4


Maintenance-Free Mocking for Unit Testing with EntityFramework 4.0

Rab Hallett has a nice tool in the VS Gallery that uses T4 templates to generate mocks for unit-testing EF-based applications Maintenance-Free Mocking for Unit Testing with EntityFramework 4.0   Technorati Tags: T4,Entity Framework,Unit Testing,Mock Objects


Oleg on T4-MSBuild Integration

The newly released Visualization and Modeling SDK for Visual Studio 2010 includes support for integrating T4 with msbuild. (yay!) The ever-diligent Oleg Sych has the full skinny here.   Technorati Tags: T4,msbuild,Visual Studio 2010


Bending T4 to be a textual DSL host

The estimable MVP and T4 enthusiast, Kathleen Dollard has a new post where she’s using T4’s ability to spit arbitrary text as a host for a textual DSL. She’s set up a small DSL for describing contract interfaces for a MEF framework: new Interface() { Name = “ISearchModelBase”, Scope = Scope.Public, CompositionInfo = { new…


DTE and T4 – Better Together

A couple of folks out there have put together some really neat T4 templates that use the host-specific flag and then access Visual Studio’s DTE object model to read state from other code in the project and use that as metadata for code generation. Daniel Vaughan started out with a  nice post on using DTE…


T4 and Silverlight in Visual Studio 2008

Colin Eberhardt has a nice article on The Code Project walking through using a small textual DSL encoded in XML to define a set of dependency properties and then using that as a data source for T4 to generate all of the necessary boilerplate code. Apart from being intrinsically cool, he’s also doing this in…


ASP.Net MVC T4 Updates

Couple of newsworthy T4 links for the wildly popular ASP.Net MVC framework.   This one is from July but I hadn’t spotted it – David Ebbo has a new version of his T4MVC set of templates for view generation.   Space Invader Zim (nice name) has a walkthrough of an extension to the standard templates…


Peter Vogel on Code Generation

There’s a fun interview with Peter Vogel on the subject of Code Gen on the ever-popular .NET Rocks talkshow.  He’s got a new code gen book coming out and in the interview he says he’s going to have an “expansion pack” for the book to cover T4. Can’t wait for that. You can find the…


T4 Templates for SharePoint

For all you SharePoint heads out there, Waldek Mastykarz has a couple of neat articles on generating some of the various config files that control a SharePoint instance using T4: Visual Studio T4 template for SharePoint Solution (DDF) Visual Studio T4 template for SharePoint Feature Definition (Feature.xml) Generate your own SPBuiltInFieldId class Enjoy Technorati Tags:…